(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the police department, under the direction of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, posted a notification about the new "Purifying the Interior" and "Administration of Passes for the Airport Control Zones." The notification demands that a background investigation be made of crew members holding a boarding pass or persons who pass into airport control zones. The investigation targets the crew personnel themselves, their spouses, their parents, their in-laws, and children over 18 years old. The inquiry focuses on whether these persons have a criminal record, their behavior during "the Great Cultural Revolution" and the "June 4th Event" (Tiananmen Massacre), whether they are Falun Gong practitioners, and whether they have relatives living overseas. The forms must be signed by the crews' relatives and must be stamped by their local police department. Apparently, this has to do with heightened security related to the upcoming Olympic Games.

In Western society, hosting a large-scale sporting event requires a lot of public security. The security is to ensure the safety of the public, and much effort is made to check for explosives and dangerous substances. However, for the Chinese Communist Party, the story is different. Whenever there are visitors from overseas, what the CCP does first is to silence people by threatening and isolating them. The CCP takes great pains to deceive and suppress people. It displays a false front by portraying a peaceful society, all the while hiding its true, wicked nature. In order to find an excuse to suppress people, it brings up issues about the person's attitude toward "politics." The "politics" it addresses is not concerned with the people, their country, or their nationality. So what "politics" is it referring to? The CCP twists the term "politics" and uses as a label to slap on those whom it wants to suppress. The term is filled with ill will and is merely a mask of the CCP specter.

In China, criminals account for a small proportion of the people affected by the background investigations, but people related to the "June 4th Event" and Falun Gong practitioners comprise a large number of those covered under this recent directive by the Civil Aviation Administration. Even though the issues of concern are ideological, the CCP treats these people as enemies. The CCP watches over people who have relatives overseas. Is the CCP stupid or over-confident? Actually, it is both. Why does it behave this way? Because it has committed too many crimes which it cannot cover up and is afraid of being exposed.

For operations to run smoothly in each work area, the workers' basic morals standards were to be the final safeguard. However, the CCP has employed a means to guarantee security that is based on mistrust. Why? Because it does not want its history and criminal records to be exposed.

While the Chinese Communist Party is using the Olympic Games as an opportunity to erect a memorial paying tribute to itself, it is at the same time bringing more tyranny to the Chinese people. Such cruel treatment from the CCP has repeatedly prevailed in the past. However, the celestial climate has changed greatly and now the heavens condemn the CCP. The evil Party's destiny is coming to an end. As it commits more crimes, more and more of its evil will be exposed. As a result, more Chinese people have seen through to its wicked nature and have quit the CCP.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China provided services only for CCP personnel in the past. During times of extreme poverty under the Communist regime, the crews worked laboriously and their wages were poor. The CCP falsely told the workers that they enjoyed the rank of higher political status. At that time, the crews were mainly composed of Air Force personnel. Today, the Civil Aviation Administration of China is commercialized, but the effect of the CCP culture is still present. In some places, the Civil Aviation Administration of China has been sealed off from the influences of the rest of society.