(Clearwisdom.net) The seventh performance of Divine Performing Arts' Chinese New Year Splendor was staged at Radio City Music Hall on the evening of February 4, 2008. The performance enchanted many audience members.


On the evening of February 4, 2008, the audience intently watched the seventh show of the Chinese New Year Splendor at Radio City Music Hall

"I like Chinese dances very much"



Janet Loehr, a retired teacher, appreciated having so many different fascinating cultures presented in one evening

Janet Loehr, a retired teacher, told the reporter, "[The individual performances] are very very nice. I enjoyed it very much. I'm a big fan of Chinese culture, and so I appreciate having so many different fascinating cultures presented in one evening. [The show] is colorful, interesting and very entertaining."

This is the second time that Janet has seen the performance. She saw the first show three years ago, and she enjoyed it very much, so she came back this time to share it with her husband.

Janet said, "I like Chinese dance very much, particularly when they are depicting some legends from classical literature. ... I have my Master's degree in Chinese studies, so it's very interesting to me to see these legends actually performed rather than just reading about it."

"I've never heard anything like her"



Debra Jander (left) thought the performance was "very different"

Debra Jander, a teacher, talked to the reporter about her feeling after the show. "I enjoyed it very much. The costumes are beautiful, the music is lovely and interesting - very different for us."

Jo Lievsay, who accompanied Ms. Jander, owns her own business. She went to China in 2001 and saw some Chinese dance and singing performances. She thought the performance by the Divine Performing Arts was "much more polished, much more exquisite ... it's a wonderful presentation."

Contralto Yang Jiansheng in the first half of the evening left the deepest impression on Jo. She said, "The contralto was absolutely the most phenomenal voice I've ever heard. Just incredible. I've never heard anything like her. She was amazing!"

Debra said her favorite part of the show was the dance, "Nymphs of the Sea."

"I'd love to see it over again"



Victoria Ferrara (left) and Charles Geraci (right) felt the beautiful messages in the show

Victoria Ferrara, a former secretary in a hospital on Staten Island, had high praise for the show: "It's a wonderful program, beautiful, very inspirational, very moving, I enjoyed it thoroughly, more than I expected. Beautiful costumes... the beautiful messages [that I received] are very spiritual - freedom and peace and tolerance and kindness. They are for everyone." Ms. Ferrara added, "I love the culture of different countries."

Charles Geraci who attended the show with Victoria, shared the same feeling. He said, "Those people who did the performance were excellent, very professional. The messages were important for everybody. We have to have some faith in the higher power. I believe that we are free people and should not allow anybody to determine our faith in our life."

When asked which part of the show was their favorite. Victoria and Charles both answered, "The finale with the drums!" They then laughed and added, "Everything was excellent. Very well done."

Victoria and Charles also said that they would urge their friends to come and see the New Year Splendor. Victoria said, "The show is really spectacular, more than I expected. I'd love to see it over again."