(Clearwisdom.net) Audience members enthusiastically gave their impressions of the Spectacular in San Francisco.

Norma Tigerman, a retired nurse practitioner, said, "It was gorgeous , just beautiful. It was well worth going to."

When she was asked about the difference between Eastern and Western cultures, she offered, "I guess it's the difference between the different philosophies. American dance theater is more concrete, and the Chinese seems to be more spiritual."

She said that she was absolutely moved by the performance. "I'm going to China next year, so I'm glad I got to see this."

She said that her favorites were the lilies and the drummers, because she could just feel the music.

Jeannie is a housewife. She commented that she and her husband attend many Broadway shows in San Francisco. She said, "When we were here to purchase tickets for another show, we saw the flier, so my husband bought tickets to give to my mother for Christmas, too."

She continued, "I am Chinese. I have been here for a very long time, but I do speak some Cantonese. I enjoyed the show, it's something I'm not very familiar with because I grew up in America and don't get to see very many of these shows. It seems like there's a lot of diversity here tonight and it's being appreciated by more than just the Chinese. Especially for the younger generation, our children, it's good for them to learn something about other cultures and to see some of the arts."

Another spectator commented: "I think what's impressive about the show is that, other than the theatrics of it, it does present some history, because you've heard about some of the stories from listening to your parents or your elders, but you never got the full scope of them. When you see them in dance and music it makes them a little bit easier to understand. Even for myself, having been here for about four years now, I don't remember most of these stories and why we have festivals and pray to deities, but with this, it helps to bring a little more understanding."

Hans from Morocco is in the manufacturing industry. He said, "Beautiful. The choreography is gorgeous. The girls are beautiful and the dancing and the music are just superb. This show was in San Jose, and every friend in SJ suggested that I come and see it. And so we were very lucky get tickets at the last minute. We want to see more shows like this in the future. It's different, beautiful. Whoever had the idea, it's a great idea, to bring Chinese culture and show it all over the world.

"The dancing is perfect! They must train many hours to be that good. I will tell my friends that this is one of the best shows I've ever seen. It has everything: the choreography is beautiful, the dresses are beautiful, the girls are beautiful. Just great!"