(Clearwisdom.net) I have been through countless lives during thousands of years on Earth. I have caused much karma and endured numerous tribulations. In a world of temptation and illusion, benevolent Master woke me up. I have followed Master to begin my journey home.

As a child, I often saw scenes in other dimensionas. One day a TV-like screen appeared with flashing lights. From it, a beautiful blue sky appeared. Then a lotus flower materialized before me; crystal water drops sprinkled its pink flower petals, twinkling under the sun. I was amazed by its pure beauty. Suddenly, an infant girl jumped out of the lotus, pony tails on her head, wearing a red apron. Joyfully she played in the lotus flower, then jumped a somersault in mid-air, and held onto a flower petal as a swing. She dashed into the air and spun like a top, followed by a spiral motion around the lotus. It was so vivid and lovely. Gradually, the lotus and girl disappeared. A pair of huge but delicate hands came up, displaying hand gestures. Before long, the hands stopped in a certain position. I was speechless.

Several years later, in March 1999, the happiest moment of my life arrived. After my brother and sister-in-law told me about Falun Dafa. I became a practitioner. Master held my hands since then and guided me through eight years of cultivation. I, a person full of karma, became a Dafa disciple of the Fa rectification period.

When I began to learn the sitting meditation the first time, I saw Master's Fashen standing in front of me on the right, watching over me. I also saw my assistant spirit sitting in the lotus position in front, facing me. She looks about 15 years old. My tears rushed out. The other day after I completed the meditation I saw golden light rays from far away, and suddenly a golden Buddha sitting on a lotus platform appeared. I took a close look; it was Master! I was so excited that I burst into tears: Master! Master was all smiles. At that moment I heard the heavenly music, Pudu. I would never forget this awesome experience.

Once in meditation, the book Zhuan Falun appeared in front of me. The pages turned. Master, wearing a kasaya and embraced by a golden light, came to me. I realized that Master was reminding me to study the Fa diligently. Facing a childish practitioner like me, Master was like a father teaching his child. He held my hands and led me move forward.

After eight years of eventful cultivation, I gradually matured. Whenever I made a small improvement, Master would reveal magnificent scenes from other dimensions to me. Whenever I slacked off, Master would use different methods to remind me, such as a telephone ringing and wind chimes. Once a voice told me, "If you can relinquish your laziness, you will accomplish everything." I understand that on my way "home" I have to go follow the true cultivation path. There is no shortcut. I have to watch every single thought and study the Fa often and well.

As long as we want to offer people salvation, Master will bring people with pre-destined relationship to us. I often ran into some long lost school buddies in the street, or old neighbors whom I had not seen for years. I told them the truth about Dafa, and convinced them to quit the CCP. There are countless examples of this kind. But every single opportunity is absolutely important. People have gone through thousands of years of reincarnations, and they sealed their final destiny when they meet us. When I saw these people saved, I was so happy for them. Once many people have heard the truth they would thank me repeatedly. One man was so excited after he heard the truth; struggling for words to express his gratitude, his face turned red. Finally, he put his hands together, raised them above his head and shouted, "Heaven bless us!"

Another friend whom I have not seen for years was very happy after she heard the truth. The next morning when I was meditating she came to me and said, "I have to thank you." Some people would bow to me and thank me for saving them. I told them it was my Master who saved them.

Fellow practitioners, at this precious moment we should study the Fa with our hearts. We should accomplish the three things, save sentient beings, and bring Master good news.

January 28, 2008