(Clearwisdom.net) The methods of persecution carried out at Jinan City Forced Labor Camp towards Falun Gong practitioners are extremely sinister and vicious. All the practitioners incarcerated there are subjected to many different types of cruel torture.

Ms. Du Ailin, in her 50s, has steadfast faith in Falun Dafa. Female guards Sun Juan and Sun Qunli tortured her brutally. The guards tied her on the death bed for 22 days, causing Ms. Du severe physical injury. In the end, the guards also locked her in an isolated, dark room and instructed a criminal inmate to monitor her. She was forbidden to speak with others and was assigned very hard labor. She is supposed to meet a very high quota, which will continue until her imprisonment term ends.

Ms. Hou Chunmei, barely 40 years old, was confined in a solitary room where she was severely abused until she finally suffered a mental collapse. Her family members demanded her urgent release. She was let out before her imprisonment term ended.

Ms. Han Aiwen did not cooperate during roll call, so the guards ordered eight criminal inmates to beat her. She was beaten so badly that she let out bloodcurdling screams. They instructed at least one criminal to focus on monitoring her. She was forbidden to speak with or interact with others. If her behavior is not up to the expectations of the guards, she will be reported.

According to what guard Zhang Hongfen revealed, one unknown practitioner was detained in a solitary cell where guards and criminal inmates frequently beat him and never let him leave the cell. In that damp, dark cell he had to use a bucket as a toilet and had to eat in there too. He became mentally ill as a result of this inhuman treatment and would eat anything--from feces to banana peels.

Practitioners who are currently incarcerated are forced to do heavy labor. Regardless of age, they are given high output quotas and are punished if the quotas are not met. The punishment ranges from standing for extended periods of time, writing self-criticism papers, or sleep deprivation. They are subjected to mental torment and physical torture every moment of their incarceration.

January 24, 2008