Sifting of the Sand

Fa-rectification is in its final stage, and the disruptive factors in the cosmos are dragging those who have failed to be diligent out from among the ranks of practitioners, such as those who 1) lack rationality; 2) act and talk senselessly; and 3) have not removed their attachments, which have increasingly expanded, leading these practitioners to have a strong tendency to look outward and seek outwardly, losing their sense of reason. The [factors'] means of interference is to cause people's minds to become overwhelmed and confused amidst irrational attachments, leading them to do bad things that harm practitioners and harm Fa-rectification, thus making it very hard for them to turn around and do well again even if they wish to. That is because once someone has done grave harm to practitioners, and caused some practitioners to fall--or even to be placed among the ranks of those who will be eliminated--how is such a massive karmic debt to be paid off? And since that person whom he or she ruined was a Dafa practitioner, no less, is there any difference in effect between this and persecution during Fa-rectification? The sin is the same as that of the evil.

At present a band of special agents has done exactly such a thing, rigging up a wicked website in the name of a practitioner and going so far as to swindle and con people in Mei Ge's name. Mei Ge is right by my side, however--how could what they claim be true? This is now becoming rather major interference for Taiwan's practitioners, and there are some irrational persons helping the evil to circulate that website among practitioners. By doing that, you are standing on the side of the evil, taking part in the persecution of practitioners, and ruining them. So, given that ruining any practitioner by circulating that stuff is equivalent to a huge amount of sinful karma that you cannot possibly pay off, what are you going to do?

Whatever the case, Fa-rectification is still in progress. I would suggest to whoever has circulated the special agents' website: undo any harm you have caused as quickly as possible; find and clear things up with those whom you circulated that website to. If you miss even a single person, you will, together with him or her, be eliminated. For the cosmos's law is this: whatever a being does, he must be held accountable for it. Master is compassionate and Dafa disciples are saving people, but Fa-rectification is solemn. I hope that those who momentarily lost their senses and acted as an accomplice to evil will handle themselves well from here on out.

Li Hongzhi
February 26, 2008

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