(Clearwisdom.net) On January 16, 2008, Shijiazhuang City 610 Office agents and police officers from the Xinhua District Department and the Shigang Street Station arrested Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhang Yuxia. Practitioners Mr. Zhao Tongxiao and Ms. Li Shuyu, who were visiting her home, were also arrested. Later Ms. Li Shuyu was released. Ms. Zhang Yuxia and Mr. Zhao Tongxiao were detained at the Shijiazhuang City Second Detention Center. This time, the 610 Office agents plotted against Mr. Zhao by first arresting him and then using fabricated evidence to falsely charge him.

When the police arrested Mr. Zhao, it was without cause. Since there was another practitioner at Ms. Zhang's house, they arrested her, too. Later, they realized that Mr. Zhao had tried to adjust the direction of her satellite dish antenna, which had become mis-aligned. The police claimed that Mr. Zhao had tapped into the satellite and used it to broadcast Falun Gong materials. Later, they thought that this story was too outlandish and quit speaking about "tapping into the satellite." However, they insisted that Mr. Zhao had been installing an illegal TV system. And yet, Ms. Zhang Yuxia's cable TV had been previously installed and received only domestic channels, not pirated ones. Mr. Zhao simply tried to adjust the antenna. However, that was the excuse that the police used to detain Mr. Zhao.

In order to further persecute Mr. Zhao, at around 4:00 p.m on February 3, 2008, two policemen, lead by Fan Xiuwen, from the Shigang Street Station, went to ransack Mr. Zhao's home. They wanted to find some proof to justify their charge against Mr. Zhao, but Mr. Zhao's family and neighbors stood up to the officers. The two policemen became profane, and in frustration they said, "Bring their Master's photo and burn in front of them to anger them." Mr. Zhao's wife, Ms. Wang Qiufang, immediately replied, "If you dare to do that, you will be punished immediately and die at once." The two policemen were silent and wrote down on the search warrant: "Refused to be searched." They wanted Ms. Wang Qiufang to sign it, but she refused. They wanted the head of the neighborhood administration to sign, and he also refused. They left humiliated.

It was Chinese New Year, a time for every family to reunite. Ms. Zhang Yuxia and Mr. Zhao Tongxiao were detained in the Shijiazhuang City Second Detention Center, and their families were not allowed to visit them. We want to call on all kindhearted people to help stop the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Fan Zhimou (male), chief of the Political and Security Section in Shijiazhuang City Police Department: 86-13832111518 (Cell), 86-311-87022787-5327 (Office)
Shigang Street Police Station: 86-311-87752119, 86-311-85955320
Xinhua District Police Department: 86-311-87023478 (Office)