(Clearwisdom.net) On February 17, 2008, Sunday afternoon, at the Jahrhunderthalle (Century Hall) in Frankfurt, the Divine Performing Arts Touring Company once again presented a spectacular display of traditional Chinese culture.

We interviewed Ms. Peng, a Vietnamese-Chinese who is a professional translator. Talking about her impressions of the show, Ms. Peng was full of praise for the performances that resurrected traditional Chinese culture.

She first mentioned "The Fruits of Goodness." She said that she was most impressed by this performance. "Few westerners understand the theories on Buddhas and Taos, so I thought it is good to give them a concept of Buddhas and Taos."

When talking about "Drummers of the Tang Court," Ms. Peng commented, "The energy of the drum performance was particularly strong, with ladies dancing, and men playing drums--it was very impressive."

As for the performance portraying Yue Fei's loyalty to his country, she thought this was very good, too. It's a traditional story that every Chinese family is familiar with that provides an opportunity for the westerners to understand Chinese culture. In addition, Ms. Peng thought the costumes were beautiful.

Ms. Peng said, "[The performance] is not influenced by the current Chinese government, so it can express the thoughts of our traditional Chinese people, passed down from the ancient times."