The Divine Performing Arts staged its Chinese Spectacular in Frankfurt, Germany, on February 17 and 18. People from all walks of life thoroughly enjoyed the shows.

Business Consultant: The music was impressive

Mr. Ulrich Kastner is a business consultant. He liked the dances and colorful costumes in the show. He said the music was impressive, with the drum dance his favorite.

Mr. Kastner said, "German people don't know very much about Chinese culture. This is my first time to such a performance." He is concerned about the situation in China. He said the Chinese Communist Party has ruined traditional Chinese culture.

Retired teacher: Every part of the performance was appealing

Mrs. Lovosch Colette is a retired French teacher. To her, every part of the performance was appealing. She was glad that the show will be held in France. She will share her wonderful experiences at the show with her friends in France.

Turkish woman: The Erhu solo was beautiful

Ms. Alice Ducert is from Turkey and works in Germany. She said the actors and director of the show put a lot of effort and energy into the show. She was pleased with the singing. Her favorite was the Erhu solo, because it expressed the spirit of the artist from bottom of her heart. "This is the Chinese culture of my imagination," she said. "I will recommend this show to all of my friends."

Computer dealer: The Mongolian dances and the "Water Sleeves" dance amazed me

Olia Wusch sells computers. The whole show made her feel peaceful. She has been to Beijing. She said, "I am interested in Chinese culture. I am glad to have a chance to enjoy this show." Her favorites were the Mongolian and "Water Sleeves" dances. She said the artists wove beautiful pictures in these two dances, and it was amazing. She enjoyed the peaceful feelings given by the dances.

Elena Bons, Olia's friend, is from Spain. She described her appreciation of the show to the reporter excitedly. She spoke in Spanish so fast that her friend could not even translate it for the reporter. Elena is an acupuncturist and is studying Chinese medicine. She loves Chinese culture. She was glad to have a chance to enjoy the show during her visiting in Frankfurt. Her favorite program was the fan dance.