(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts Touring Company three-show run in Frankfurt, Germany, concluded on February 17, 2008. The performances were appreciated by people from all walks of life. Known as being serious and conservative, the German audience generously offered rave reviews to the Divine Performing Arts.

Mr. Walt works in the media industry. He is an advertisement designer in a public relations company. He and his colleagues made a three-hour trip by train to Frankfurt to see the Chinese Spectacular at Jahrhunderthalle (Century Hall ) on February 16. He was the most impressed by the two drum dances. He told the reporter, "There were two drum performances, one was before the end of the first half of the show and the other was at the end of the show. These two dance pieces were fantastic. I thought every performance was very good. The music, choreography, and dances were so well integrrated and achieved a perfect combination. It was really fabulous! There was an intangible mighty power behind the performance."

Mr. Walt continued, "I also thought that the themes of the two dance performances 'The Risen Lotus Flower' and 'The Power of Awareness,' were very well presented. In particular, the choreography of 'The Power of Awareness' was very successful. The dance fully exhibited the three fundamental principles 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.'"

His colleague, Mr. Mier, was also deeply impressed by the drum dances. He also liked the dance "Forsythia in Spring" and other performances. He said, "The rear screen that provided backgrounds for the performances played a huge role. The audience could understand the meaning of the lyrics through the German translation on the screen. The costumes were so beautiful, colorful, and splendid." Mier had a special appreciation for the performances presenting traditional Chinese culture. He said, "The tenor (Guan Guimin) seemed to be well known in China. I do not have much knowledge of him, but I thought he was marvelous."

The host and hostess also favorably impressed the communicators/media personnel, particularly in the way they communicated with the audience. Mr. Mier said, "They sometimes were humorous. When the show began, they asked the audience if we believed in fate or destiny and for those who believed in it, please put up our hands. I did not raise my hand. Then they said, 'For those who do not believe in it, please put up your hands.' I still did not raise my hand." He gave an arch smile and continued, "They raised the third possibility, that is, 'For those who haven't raised your hands, please put up your hands!' Hahaha." He grinned and said, "You see, this cheered the audience up. I thought this was a lively hosting style. I could see they had a very good rapport and were very sincere."

They said if the Divine Performing Arts ever came to the city where they live, they would go see it again.