(Clearwisdom.net) In a rural village in Wuxue City, Hubei Province, an elderly gentleman felt very bloated in his stomach after the Festival of Lanterns in 1997. He felt miserable and went to the local hospital. The doctor did not tell him specifically what kind of disease he had and only said that it was not easy to cure. They asked him to buy medicine that cost over four hundred yuan and let him go home. However, he was still in severe pain even after taking the medicine. In addition, he had edema all over his body. His abdomen was especially swollen. His son took him to a large hospital and he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and ascites. Fearing that he would not be able to sustain the surgery, his son took him home.

Upon returning home, a Falun Gong practitioner visited him. This practitioner told him of the miraculous healing effect and magnificence of improving one's moral character in the practice of Falun Gong. He also gave him the book Zhuan Falun. Because this elderly gentleman had once practiced in Buddhism, he immediately knew that it was a precious book and started reading it.

After he finished reading Zhuan Falun, he suddenly understood the true meaning of life and the true purpose of coming to this world. He started practicing Falun Gong from that moment on. Two days later, he felt very light and could sit on his bed while reading. One week later he could walk. Half a month later, he could walk over ten miles. During this time he walked nearly twenty miles to watch Teacher's lectures nine days in a row. He did not feel tired, instead he felt very light. One month later, he was completely recovered. All of his edema disappeared. His liver cirrhosis, which was incurable in the hospital, was miraculously cured.

Now he is nearly eighty years old and is still very healthy and strong. He can do all kinds of heavy farm work including seeding, harvesting, and transporting crops.

February 10, 2008