(Clearwisdom.net) (Epoch Times Reporter Yu Xiao) Lina, a Chinese American, lives in New York City. She owns a preschool for children. Lina found the performance of the Chinese New Year Splendor to be quite educational. She said, "In 'The Power of Awareness,' the words of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" projected on backdrop can inspire people to be kind."

Lina, a Chinese American in New York City (Photo by Wenzhong, Epoch Times)

Lina's husband Mr. Jiang, a retired international businessman, said he found the performance "excellent, vigorous, beautiful, and magnificent." He added "I like the drum performances most, and the backdrops looked so real."

Lina exclaimed, "The Divine Performing Arts has brought honor to the Chinese people, and we are proud of them."

Translated from http://www.epochtimes.com/gb/8/2/1/n1999157.htm


The High Moral Standard Depicted in the Show Make It Outstanding

(Epoch Times reporter Zhen Tingwei) Ms. Li Lishui from Shanxi Province and her friend from Guangdong Province watched the Splendor in New York City. Ms. Li's friend commented, "The show is wonderful! I don't know how to describe it, but I just think it's great! It's helpful for the performers to tour the U.S. and the world because it will spread awareness of and improve the status of Chinese culture worldwide."

Li Lishui said, "The programs are fabulous! Nowadays, when people have become so morally corrupt, [the show] is trying to help people return to goodness, as the show's segments demonstrate high standards for moral conduct, which is what makes it unique and outstanding."