(Clearwisdom.net) The so-called "Education Ward" in Jilin Province Women's Prison is used especially to persecute the Falun Gong practitioners. It consists of the entire fourth floor of the north prison building as well as the west half of the third floor. When additional rooms are needed, officials also use rooms on the fourth and fifth floors. All the doors to the rooms are covered with plain white cloth, and no one can see what happens inside.

The fourth floor is mainly used for long-term forced brainwashing. The third floor is used to carry on more brutal and individualized torture on practitioners who are steadfast. The Education Ward is the prison's hub and the most brutal place in the prison. The majority of practitioners never have a chance to walk into the hallway from their cells, and even fewer have the opportunity to get downstairs. The ones allowed to go downstairs are rebels and criminal prisoners whom the prison officials trust. It is guarded quite strictly. This is the main reason for the delay and incomplete reporting of the goings-on in this facility.

Fourth Floor is Used for Brainwashing

Newly arrived practitioners are usually taken to the fourth floor. Collaborators use "talk reasoning" to try to brainwash the practitioners. Because these collaborators have read the Dafa books, they twist Master's words and add their own evil doctrines, which is extremely deceptive. They get results by referring to certain slanderous books and materials, by compiling rumors from CCTV and other bad incidents, and by twisting the facts, claiming these are caused by practicing Falun Gong. They also mix in intimidation and add, "It's good for you." This takes about a month. If the practitioner does not cooperate, she is sent to the third floor.

Those who the prison officials recognize as already "reformed" are put together in consolidated studies on the fourth floor. Every day they are instilled with Buddhist and Taoist ideas. So-called righteous-evil comparisons are made and Dafa teachings are purposely twisted. So-called science exploration films are also shown, trying to maintain the atheism of the Chinese Communist Party and destroying righteous belief. That misleads those who aren't clear about the Fa. Under that kind of CCP Party culture brainwashing, some people indeed have given up Falun Dafa to study Buddhism. Every week each practitioner is required to write her thought report. The main content has to slander Master and Dafa. If the report is not written well enough, it has to be rewritten or the person is labeled as "not having a good attitude" or not being thoroughly "reformed" and is subjected to further persecution.

Third Floor is Used for Reforming by Torture

Forced "reform" happens on the third floor. Criminal inmates beat, verbally abuse, and torture practitioners. The practitioners are hung up by handcuffs, or their arms and legs are tied separately to the four corners of a bed. Even now, some practitioners are suffering from serious injury because of this torture, including pain and numbness on their hands and feet, making it hard for them to get around. Rope burns leave severe scars on the wrists and feet, and their mobility is greatly impaired.

Due to severe torture, intense mental pressure, long-term illegal imprisonment, and being forbidden to study the Fa and do the exercises, the health of the majority of the women deteriorated. Many who had become completely healthy after practicing Falun Gong reverted to their pre-cultivation illness status, having been compelled to give up cultivation. Some had serious symptoms, including heart disease and hypertension, and had their old illnesses recur, which hadn't appeared for many years. Some were unable to get downstairs by themselves, some were unable to get up for a long time, and some were unable to take care of themselves and became mentally disordered.

Various Forms of Cruel Persecution

In late November 2006, the prison officials discovered that practitioners in the two groups were circulating Dafa articles. The officials panicked and used many methods to ruthlessly abuse the practitioners. Some of their tactics are listed below:

A. The practitioner who circulated the articles was taken directly to the third floor. Criminal inmates beat Ms. Li Haihong (a Tonghua Brewery employee) and Ms. Wang Lin (a Huangsongdian Forest worker) mercilessly. Ms. Li was tied on a bed with rope for two months. Ms. Wang was also tied up for a month. Meanwhile, Ms. Zhang Yufen (Changchun Optical and Engineering College lecturer), Ms. Zhao Jian (self-employed in Changchu ), and Ms. He Fengbo (worker) were individually tortured. They were also tied to a bed. Ms. Zhang had to stand for a long time. The prison officials compelled them to express their so-called understandings while they were in pain, and to examine their own behavior. A few who had been "reformed" gathered around, taking turns besieging these practitioners in attempts to "reform" them. Once she was considered "stabilized" she would be sent to each prison, but still closely monitored.

B. The first group, headed by collaborator Zhao Guifeng, made practitioners stand, facing a wall, to carry on introspection. All these tactics created an extremely tense atmosphere. The practitioners feared for their lives. The desire and need for self-protection caused some unclear-minded ones to accuse others unjustly. Those then would be referred to as having a good understanding of their own mistakes.

Those with "serious problems" were kept in the second group. They were made to stand facing a wall on the fourth floor. Ms. Liu Guixia (self-employed, from Jilin) had to stand continuously for 49 days because she refused to give up her belief. Her legs were so badly swollen that she could not even put on pants. She had to wear size 38 shoes instead of her normal size 35. Ms. Cao Guihua (a self-employed person, once suffered from a job injury and sustained a liver injury) was made to stand for over 30 days. Ms. Sun Liyan (a farmer from Songjiang, Jiaohe ) had to stand for over 20 days. Ms. Zhang Yazhen (a 56-year-old housewife from Jilin) had to stand for over a month. Ms. Wang Liqun (a housewife in her sixties) had to stand for over 20 days, as did Ms. Qu Jinfang (a farmer from Jiaohe City) and Ms. Fu Dexiu (a farmer of Nongan County) as well as Ms. Wu Yuzhen (a farmer from Jilin City).

C. The remaining practitioners who were considered to be not so much involved in practicing were mostly compelled to sit on a stool "to do introspection." When the prison officials believed these practitioners had become stable, everyone in group one was urged to tell her own private affairs, including the things she did before practicing Falun Gong, such as how many men she had intimate relationships with and the most private things imaginable. No holding back was permitted. Some of the young unmarried girls were severely embarrassed and could barely tolerate this and began to cry. Group two overseers developed a so-called "analyze ones evil activity" to look for one's own weakness in human nature and also to compare to Falun Gong.

In brief, the entire Education Ward at the Jilin Province Women's Prison was exceedingly evil. Practitioners were forced to sit on small plastic stools for over 15 hours every day. Many practitioners' bodies deteriorated to various degrees and they experienced many illnesses. Every day brainwashing study was from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The evildoers did not allow one a single free second to clear one's thinking. Because of that, more than ten practitioners didn't get reduced sentences at the year-end after having their sentences commuted. They not only had to stay in prison three, or up to to eight or nine more months, but also were compelled to acknowledge that this was good for them. They couldn't reveal the slightest dissatisfaction, or they would be subjected to more severe abuse.

Jia Bingxin, Jilin Province Women's Prison Warden
Wu Zeyun, The warden in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong

Education ward head: Cao Hong
Deputy head: Zhao Dongxia
First group leader: Deng Yonghui
Second group leader: Ni Xiaohong
Others include Yang Xi, Liu XX Hua, Clerk Lu, Zhang Tingting, leader Dong
Education Ward: 86-431-85375089

Below are the the names of women who had been "reformed" (collaborators) and who were used by the prison to persecute/abuse others:

Zhao Guifeng (Changchun), Yan Huawei (Changchun), Ma Yechi (Changchun), Chen Yanmei (Changchun), Wang Li (Lin Jiang), Dong Guiling (Jilin), Zhang Yufeng (Changchun), Liu Jie (Changchun), Liu Jingli (Qiqihar), Xiang xiaomin (Changchun), Jia Yunxia (Dehui), Feng Haiying (Changchun), Yang Jun (Dehui), Liu Yaqian (Changchun), Zhu Hong (Dehui), Li Xuewei (Changchun), Li Xiaomei (Dalian), Wang Yuling (Changchun), Jin Yushan (Huadian), Zhang Xiaoyan (Dehui), Zhang Liping (Changchun), Wang Guihua, Wang Yanlan

Below are the names of criminal inmates who were used by the prison to carry out persecution:

Wang Lixin (Jilin), Li Hongping (Jilin), Yang Hui (Changchun), Shang Wanfen (Changchun), Shang Yueping (Changchun), Wang Yanmei (Changchun), Zhang Wenjie (Jilin), Shi Yuling (Changchun), Guo Ruifang (Changchun), Liu Chunyang