(Clearwisdom.net) The Nanning High School is a comprehensive school with junior and senior high schools combined. It is located in the suburbs of Tainan City in Taiwan. Since becoming the principal about two years ago, Mr. Yan Hongming has dedicated himself to improving students' moral character and life skills. At the end of 2006, the NTDTV Chinese New Year Gala was held in Taiwan. Mr. Yan bought 20 tickets for his core staff as gifts. When the Divine Performing Arts came to Tainan City in 2007, he did the same thing. For the upcoming 2008 Divine Performing Arts Shows, he again reserved 20 tickets. His generosity and kindness became something of a legend in the education circle. People appreciate what he did for the school.

Nanning High School Principal, Yan Hongming believes that the Divine Performing Arts show will have a very positive impact on the school's education quality

Mr. Yan said that the Divine Performing Arts Company demonstrates the pure truthfulness, compassion and beauty of the Chinese culture, and therefore it gives a very positive influence to educators. By inviting his core staff to watch the show, he hopes to convey his gratitude for their hard work. At the same time, the teachers can appreciate the good values and pass them on to their students. He also wishes that the students can see the show. Next year, he hopes to get some sponsorship to allow the opportunity for the students to enjoy this world-class show.

Director of General Affairs Chen Meiling thinks the show was fabulous from the very beginning

"The show was fabulous from the beginning," said Chen Meiling, Director of General Affairs in the Nanning High School. Ms. Chen recalled the Divine Performing Arts Show in April 2007 with admiration.

"The dances tell stories and they express the meanings clearly. Although no words are spoken, the dancers' body languages grab your attention and convey the intrinsic morals. The show is not designed for believers only, and it carries more than religious significance. The show teaches people to treat each other in the correct way. It is very artistic, even people like me who do not necessarily share the belief can understand the meaning behind it."

"The performance combines Chinese spirituality, history and culture. It also encompasses cultures from Chinese ethnic minorities. It is a very rich cultural extravaganza." Ms. Chen concluded.

Director of Counseling, Yan Xiuyun praised the performers for the wonderful show

Nanning High School Director of Counseling Yan Xiuyun said, "The dancers are exceptional. Their facial expression, movements are very lovely and precise. The production of these dances, the choreography and music are very nicely integrated together. It was so touching."

School Personnel Director, Ms. Tang Yufang fondly recalls last years' show

The School Personnel Director, Ms. Tang Yufang was surprised to receive a VIP ticket for the 2007 show. Sitting in the front row, Ms. Tang's eyes brightened up when the curtain raised at the beginning. "How exquisite!" she thought. "The colorful costumes, the elegant movements, the authentic posture and the perfect captions, wow!" Nine months after the show, Ms. Tang still could not hide her enthusiasm about the performance.

Ms. Tang especially liked the programs with Gods and Buddhas. She said: "In their artistic expression, the dances teach people to improve their morals. It shows that committing wrongdoing can only bring undesirable consequences." She also liked the lyrics of the songs that convey spiritual messages.

Now the Divine Performing Arts is coming to Taiwan again. These educators are looking forward to attending the show again. They are telling all their friends and families about this wonderful opportunity.