(Clearwisdom.net) Thirty-three-year-old practitioner Mr. Su Kun is a computer science teacher at the Yunnan Vocational College of National Defense Industry. On December 6, 2004, he was illegally sentenced to three years in Dapingba Forced Labor Camp for refusing to renounce his belief in Falun Dafa. He was imprisoned in the No. 3 section at Dapingba Forced Labor Camp from January 5, 2005 to June 28, 2007. On June 28, 2007 he was taken to the No. 1 section. During his imprisonment in the No. 3 section, he was brutally beaten, verbally abused and physically punished.

Mr. Su Abused by the Inmates Assigned to Monitor Him

Since early November 2005, the guards of the No. 3 section incited the inmates who monitored Mr. Su to carry out strict monitoring and intense "reform" efforts on Mr. Su because he firmly refused to give up his belief in Dafa. He had to ask for permission to do anything from the inmates who were monitoring him. After finishing daily work, he was forced to listen to the inmates slander Falun Gong and verbally abuse him. If Mr. Su didn't obey their every command, they would do everything possible to make Mr. Su's life miserable. The inmates would forbid him to write letters or to read a book, to drink boiled water, go to the bathroom and so on. If they were to successfully "reform" Mr. Su, the inmates' prison conditions would be improved and their sentences would be reduced drastically. Mr. Su reported the inmates' evil acts to deputy chief Luo Zhongwu many times, however, the inmates continued to abuse him.

Knowing that the methods they used to torture Mr. Su were tacitly approved by the guards, the inmates tortured Mr. Su and other Falun Gong practitioners more severely. At the beginning of January, 2005, to protest the persecution, Mr. Su started to shout "Falun Dafa is good!" From then on, every day the inmates choked him, kicked him until he fell down and slapped his face. They punched and kicked him in front of the guards, but the guards did not stop them. When Mr. Su told Luo Zhongwu that the inmates used the inhumane methods to torture him, Luo Zhongwu coldly replied that the inmates' methods didn't violate any regulations.

When the inmates learned that Mr. Su had reported their violations to Luo Zhongwu, they didn't allow Mr. Su to go to breakfast and dragged him to an isolated area where they punched him until his two front teeth were about to fall out. The inmates who were involved in beating Mr. Su were: Wang Jialin, Li Chunyong, Yan Ke and Zhang Jianzhong.

Mr. Su Beaten at a Public Farm Field

On the morning of February 18, 2006, when Luo Zhongwu came to the farm field to check the inmates' work, Mr. Su told Luo Zhongwu that the inmates had beaten him. Luo Zhongwu not only didn't listen to Mr. Su's complaint, but he also pushed Mr. Su around. In order to protest the persecution, Mr. Su shouted, " Falun Dafa is good!" Luo Zhongwu ordered the inmates to drag Mr. Su in front of a tractor and forcibly hold him down. Then he incited the other inmates to throw dirt on Mr. Su. When Mr. Su told Luo Zhongwu that this physical abuse was illegal, Luo Zhongwu only laughed at Mr. Su. Mr. Su continuously shouted "Falun Dafa is good" to protest the persecution. When Luo Zhongwu saw that Mr. Su didn't submit, he left the farm field. Mr. Su's entire body was covered with dirt and wounds from being kicked by the guards. Guard heads Hua Jianyan and Yang Dingquan were present at the time. Li Shaobing and Li Chunyong were involved in beating Mr. Su.

Mr. Su Tortured at the Chenjia Cemetery

Around 10 p.m. on March 4, 2006, section heads Pu Shunyuan and Luo Zhongwu and other guards ordered Mr. Su and two other inmates to bring some dry wood in a cart. They arrived at the Chenjia Cemetery which was several hundred meters away from the gate of the No. 3 section. They ordered Mr. Su to stand directly in front of a grave and to wake the corpse up by shouting. They ordered two inmates to monitor Mr. Su and to make sure he did not fall asleep. Mr. Su said to them, "I have not done anything wrong. What you are doing to me is violating the law." They didn't listen to Mr. Su and forced him to stand in the cold wind until dawn. On the morning of March 5, they dragged Mr. Su to a rice field to make him stand in the water. When Mr. Su protested the torture, Hua Jianyan, who was in charge of the field work, said, "This is arranged by the guards." Again that evening they dragged Mr. Su back to the cemetery to torture him some more. Luo Zhongwu asked Mr. Su, "Will you still shout 'Falun Dafa is good ' today?" Mr. Su replied, "As long as the torture goes on, I will continue to protest the persecution!" A while later, Luo Zhongwu and guard Su Jiashan left. Two inmates tried to frighten Mr. Su by talking about ghosts and then they punched him in the chest and the back of his head. Luo Zhongwu and Su Jiashan returned ten minutes later. And the two inmates pretended to care for Mr. Su. After suffering an entire night, they forced him to stand in the water of the rice field again early in the morning on March 6. They didn't allow Mr. Su to close his eyes. That night Mr. Su reported to Luo Zhongwu that the two inmates tortured him in the graveyard. Seeing Mr. Su was extremely weak, Luo Zhongwu decided to temporarily lay off on the graveyard torture. However, in the early morning on March 7, they used the same torture methods to persecute him again. On the evening of March 8, guard Su Jiashan blamed Mr. Su for refusing to give in, saying to him in the cemetery, "I have 'accompanied' you for several days and have gotten a cold." Mr. Su replied, "This is caused by the persecution. If the persecution continues, I will continue to protest." The guards who participated in this persecution are: Pu Shunyuan, Luo Zhongwu, Su Jiashan, He Zhengchao. The inmates are: Deng Sihong, Li Shaobing.