(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts is touring the world and has drawn attention from large crowds from all walks of life. When Mr. Hsu Chih-Chieh (Leer Hsu), Mayor of the City of Fongshan, Taiwan, learned that the Divine Performing Arts would be performing in Kaohsiung County on March 4-8, 2008, he bought 40 tickets for various minority groups in Fongshan City, so that they would get to see traditional Chinese culture shine in Taiwan.

Fongshan City Mayor Leer Hsu (Hsu Chih-Chieh) reads through the Divine Performing Arts brochure

Chief Secretary of Fongshan City, Su Shu-Hui

Mr. Hsu said, "This is not only to encourage and support more outstanding cultural performing groups coming to Fongshan, but to help purify people's hearts and souls and improve their lives. This is also an opportunity for minorities to enjoy the warmth and caring nature of society."

Mayor Hsu read through the the Divine Performing Arts brochures and praised their ability to convey the elegance of East Asian dances through gesture and beauty. Mr. Hsu was previously the Director of Student Affairs at Kao-Chi Vocational Senior High School and a lecturer at Cheng Shiu University. Since he became the mayor of Fongshan two years ago, he has combined goodwill and compassion into his ideology of running the city.

Ms. Su Shu-Hui is the chief secretary of Fongshan City and Mr. Hsu's right hand. Ms. Su supports cultural arts and said that the Divine Performing Arts have inherited the essence of traditional Eastern culture, and that the performance awakens the goodness inherent in human nature. Ms. Su said, "We not only support outstanding artistic activities but we also encourage businesses to do so as well. This way we can afford more good quality cultural activities and performances."