(Clearwisdom.net) The eighth presentation of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese New Year Splendor was staged at Radio City Music Hall on February 5, 2008, the eve of the Chinese New Year.

Members of the New York City audience said that watching the Splendor was the best way to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

"I saw NTDTV's Christmas show at the Beacon Theatre, and I thought it was wonderful. So here I am again for the Splendor. It is the best way to celebrate the Chinese New Year," said NYC audience member Wang Yilan, a trombonist from Taiwan. "In addition, it represents the very best of Chinese culture."

Claudia Pellacchia (left) with her husband and friends

Claudia Pellacchia, who is from Italy, was visiting in New York with her husband and friends. She learned about the Splendor from a newspaper. "The show is fantastic! Really wonderful," she said.

Claudia and her husband do not speak Chinese, but before we said goodbye, they greeted the reporter with the Chinese phrase "Xin-nian-hao!" (Happy New Year!)