(Clearwisdom.net) The Saturday show on February 2 drew an audience of about 10,000 to the Chinese New Year Splendor at Radio City Music Hall.

A man named Arction expressed his admiration for the "flexible dancers" and the ability for the Splendor to "combine Chinese art with contemporary culture."

His friend Anita, who currently studies classical Indian dance, said, "It's really great how they [Divine Performing Arts] still have their culture inside them and not let it go to American culture. And even though they can't do it in China, they do it here and educate and enlighten everyone. Hopefully I can apply some of the ideas [I learned by watching the Splendor] to Indian dancing."

Another friend Jenny, marveled at the range of the singers.

Katharina Kowalewski, a fashion journalist said, "It's really interesting to see the different colors, styles of music and singers. It's like traveling to China for the day."

Sonographer Cassandra Alice and her family traveled from Washington D.C. to watch the show, as they had done earlier in Greensboro. Cassandra said, "All the music is really powerful. [The soprano's] voice almost makes you cry. It's so sweet, she's got such a beautiful voice. You just feel it all the way through you. I don't think you need to understand the words in order to feel the power of her voice, [because] she's got an incredible presence. The projection, the way she expresses herself - it doesn't matter what language it is."

Her son Joseph, a high school student said his favorite program was "The Risen Lotus", saying it was both touching and heart-wrenching to watch after having seen pictures of the persecution. When asked what they would say to Chinese people regarding Falun Gong, Joseph said, "Open your mind and understand that history repeats itself, and history needs to be understood." Cassandra said, "Close your eyes and open your heart to what you know is real."