(Clearwisdom.net) In order to "test" Falun Dafa practitioners the old forces have created an extremely evil environment. The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) long-term influence has caused people to form wrong thoughts, and good people feel they can do little to face the evildoers. The CCP's extreme virulence and cruelty has led people to fear the evil. Many years ago the old forces allowed us to form many, many human thoughts, including negative thoughts. The evil also frequently interferes with us and strengthens our human thinking. However, we actually need to abandon all these ideas.

How do Falun Dafa practitioners maintain righteous thoughts? We must maintain a clear mind and firmly remove the thoughts that unknowingly influence us. We must pay attention to whether our thoughts are based on the Fa or not. If a thought is not based on the Fa, we must firmly reject it. Those thoughts that are not righteous are attachments and interference. If we are unable to firmly reject those thoughts then that is the same as not acting according to Teacher's requirements. It is the same as not negating the interference and damages of the old forces, and therefore the evil will still look to cause trouble. As a Dafa practitioner, when faced with evil, we must deal with it with righteous thoughts, and the righteous thoughts must be strong. If your righteous thoughts are superficial and insufficient or if you have a concern behind the righteous thoughts, you will certainly bring yourself trouble.

In 2003 I encountered brutal persecution in the forced labor camp. I realize this is because I could not face the persecution with righteous thoughts, and the evil took advantage of me. While facing evil persecution, I almost did not consider things based on the Fa. I had so many thoughts in my mind that were not based on Fa principles. For example, the guards arranged for me to participate in "experience sharing." In that evil environment I did not set up the righteous thoughts of resisting their so-called "sharing." Therefore the evil took advantage of me and increased the persecution against me. The guards forced me to copy books that slandered Dafa. I also failed to have the righteous thoughts of refusing to do so for a long time and I wondered whether I should or should not write all along. This also allowed the evil to take advantage and increase the persecution.

I think that if faced by guards controlled by evil, if a guard is willing to listen to you, then you may clarify the truth to him, but do not listen to one word of evil. Instead, act as if you did not hear it. If you think about the evil words or even do whatever the evil asks you to do, then you are in the wrong. You must not do anything the evil asks you to do, such as wearing a prisoner's uniform, attending training sessions, doing forced labor, "sharing" or copying something that slanders Dafa. You should not follow anything that the evil demands. In addition, you must firmly eliminate the attachment and interference of worrying about the consequences of not doing as the evil says. If the evil uses the so-called "law" to request practitioners to do something, we should not be deceived; we did not break the law and we are not criminals. If we follow any of the evil's requirements, it is the same as acknowledging the persecution.

The police or guards may say, "I disregard your sense of right and wrong. Since you are here, you must listen to us." They will probably say, "I am under orders from such and such department. If you do not listen to me and do as I say, I will be unable to report to the higher authorities." However, we Dafa practitioners must remember, nobody is qualified to persecute Dafa practitioners. Whether it is persecution by a willing individual or ordered by someone else, we can't accept and acknowledge the persecution. Although the evil is extremely sly and deceitful and plays various tricks, as long as we deal with it with righteous thoughts, it is nothing. If we deal with it with human thinking, then it is indeed a problem.

If you are taken advantage of by the evil and you suffer persecution, you should not be afraid or forming more attachments because of it. Teacher is here and there is nothing that Dafa practitioners can't face. In a forced labor camp, the guards once threatened me with an electric baton. I was not afraid, so they did not torture me with it. As the persecution increased, the guards later tortured me with several electric batons but they did not cause significant injury to me. They felt that they did not achieve their desired result and said that the electricity was not sufficient.

Once, a guard filled up a chamber pot full of water and pushed my head into the water. That feeling was horrific! My struggle caused the chamber pot to fall, and then they filled it up with more water. I succeeded in getting away, but then they held me down. They held my head tightly and forced water into my nose and mouth. Very soon my belly was full; that feeling was indescribable. The evildoers hit the soles of my feet with a metal rod. It was so painful that I shouted with all my strength. Afterwards I thought that I should not shout, so when they beat me again, I endured it silently. After that experience, I thought that I wouldn't focus on their abuse at all, and as soon as I put aside the attention to the pain, they stopped the beating. Another time, the guards filled a basin with water, forced my feet into it and put a charged plug into the basin. I was fearful at that time so I struggled, and the evildoers continuously tortured me. Later, when I let go of my attachment and stopped resisting, the police actually stopped torturing me.

As a Falun Dafa practitioner, wherever you are and whatever you do, you must remove distracting thoughts, act as Teacher has taught us and do not obey the arrangements of the evil old forces. Only then will we have "righteous thoughts and righteous actions." If we consider any supposed consequences we might face if we do not obey the evil, that is absolutely the wrong thought. We should not have such thoughts. If such thoughts emerge knowingly or unknowingly, we must firmly eliminate them.

Please point out any mistakes in my understanding.