Karen Evans: "Whoever put it all together did a wonderful, wonderful job"

Karen Evans, an audience member who works for the City of Chicago, immensely enjoyed the Chinese New Year Spectacular show which was held in Chicago on January 25 and 26. She said, "The show was excellent. It was spectacular. I really enjoyed it. It gave me a better sense of what the Chinese tradition and culture is all about. It's fabulous. The costumes are fabulous, the dancers and singers are fabulous. I look forward to seeing it again next year."

Ms. Evans thought the most impressive part was the dancers that also played the drums. "The drummers, that was my favorite part in the whole show. I enjoyed everything about it because it integrated a lot of different talent. Whoever put it all together did a wonderful, wonderful job."

Regarding the cultural aspects of the show Ms. Evans commented, "Chinese people have a very, very deep culture. Every culture has something that they bring to the table. You shouldn't just omit one thing; you should always think about everything. All cultures have something to share with each other if we open our minds up."

A Photographer in Chicago: "I liked it a lot. Very talented dancing"

After watching the show, a photographer from Chicago said that he really enjoyed the classical dances.

Regarding the dances that depicted the persecution of Falun Gong he remarked, "Falun Gong, and their practitioners, they're being tortured and oppressed in China. I read a lot about it in the newspaper."

He also thought that raising awareness through an artistic performance was a good way to spread the message. He said, "This way you can tell more people and expose them to it, and let them do the research when they go on the Internet and so forth. It exposes them to it in a nice and subtle way."

Joseph and Daughter Christina Jakowitz: "It's a beautiful way to express their spirituality, and it is entertaining too."

Joseph said, "It's very beautiful, the music is beautiful. It has a spiritual message, but it's subtle...very nice."

His daughter Christina said, "Everything is lovely and the costumes and dances are beautiful."

About Chinese culture, Joseph commented, "Chinese culture is an ancient culture. They've got a lot of history there and that's what I like about it. A lot of it is based on spirituality."

Mentioning Falun Gong, Joseph said, "I heard that it's not permitted in China right now. I feel it should be permitted because all religions should be free. I don't like the Communists."

Christina added, "I think its very good that they are expressing their views and their beliefs and they are not afraid to do it. I think it is a really beautiful way to express their spirituality and it is entertaining too."