(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese New Year Splendor, currently being presented in Radio City Music Hall in New York, has had a great impact on the Chinese community as well as people from other cultural backgrounds. The following are the impressions shared by people of various backgrounds.

Alberto is a sales employee from Mexico. He noticed that the music and some of the dances were full of meaning. He found the show to be a unique experience and thought it would not be possible to see a show like this in China. He went on to say that he believed the show depicted the truth about what is going on in China, right here, in New York, and that it was "sending the message about values to the Chinese people. Very inspirational! I liked it!"

A woman named Dursha from India said this was the first time in her life she had seen a show like this one. She was surprised that it was in two languages, English and Chinese. She was very impressed by the colorful dancing and the music. Her favorite piece was "where the souls came down to earth", which is entitled "Creation."

Jay Shah, a retired teacher from the New York City public school system, said that the show was very moving. "We wish all the very best to the Chinese people in the struggle against communism." He has visited China and seen Beijing, Shanghai, and other places. When he heard about the show, he decided he had to go. He said he enjoyed the music.

Esco, who works as a valet for Mercedes Benz, thought the show was great. He said the show taught him a lot about Chinese culture and he even briefly learned how to say "Happy New Year" in Chinese, although he has forgotten already. He promised to come to the show again next year to re-learn it.

A high school student named Ben came the show with his grandmother for the second time after having seen it first three years ago. He thought it was very colorful and amazing--"very cool, in fact." His favorite was the drums that were played very loudly.

Guy, a hairdresser, commented after seeing the show that the colors were spectacular and the performances superb. He has seen other Chinese shows before but thought that this was one of the nicest. He was especially impressed by the singers and by the Mongolian dancers.

An eleven-year-old girl named Jasmine and her parents stopped to excitedly share her opinion about the show. She said, "It was very creative and a little bit sad." She admired the gymnastics and thought that it was very funny, although there were also sad parts. She liked the drumming the best. In short, she thought it was "phantasmagorical." Her proud mother said that the girl understood everything, although she's only eleven.

Mark, a computer programmer saw the show with his wife, Rebecca, and their two children. Their young daughter first got them interested in Chinese culture because she has been studying it in second grade at school. The little girl chimed in to say, "It was so much fun when I saw the drums and the dancing and the music." Even their two-year-old was excited by the big drums and his dad delightedly said, "When they brought the big drums out at the end, he was drumming on the seat with both hands. He really liked that."

There was a man who quietly commented that it was fantastic. He mentioned that this was the fourth year in a row that he had seen the show and that he really enjoyed it. He remembered every year and every theater where he had seen the previous shows.