(Clearwisdom.net) On December 27, the Divine Performing Arts New York Company presented its first show in the Chicago Civic Opera House. Consultant Ms. Yi was overcome with emotion several times when she shared her reflections of the show.

Ms. Yi is overcome with emotion as she shares her reflections of the DPA show

When interviewed, Ms. Yi first talked about the dance "Persecuted on a Sacred Path," a piece which portrays the plight of a family during the persecution of Falun Gong. She said: "The dancers' performance was very touching and I cried throughout this piece. I think this dance is very good and very precious, as it can move people to tears. In addition, it was very beautiful. The ending, in which the husband is uplifted to heaven after being tortured to death, is very good and has a very positive impact."

Talking about Chinese culture, Ms. Yi said, "In fact, many people nowadays are confused and don't know what real Chinese culture is. DPA has rediscovered authentic Chinese culture and faithfully presented it. This effort is very touching and precious. In the past, I would see at least one Chinese cultural show per year. However, I stopped doing that as the quality of those shows was so poor. I have a lawyer friend and he had the same experience: he had seen many shows presented by top Mainland performing arts groups, and he was disappointed every time.

"Divine Performing Arts is completely different. I feel this show was very rewarding and I will recommend it to my friends."