(Clearwisdom.net) In the summer of 2008, there were heavy rains in a certain area in Shandong Province. Water was everywhere. Most of the farmland and crops were almost covered with water and would soon be ruined.

To prevent this, the villagers pumped the water out of the fields. In one of the small villages, the villagers were only concerned about pumping the water off their own land and not concerned about the harm done to other people's fields. To save money, effort, and time, they pumped the water onto the road. The water turned into a river, flowing rapidly toward the villages down the road. The other villages were then besieged with high water, causing great inconvenience.

The field belonging to Falun Gong practitioners Mr. and Mrs. Sun (a pseudonym to protect their identity) was also filled with water. All their crops were flooded. It would have been very easy to pump the water onto the road. Why use drainage pipes if pumping the water into the road would save a lot of work and money? Taking the easy way out, the water would flow into the village down the road. It might even flow into other people's fields.

Mr. and Mrs. Sun discussed the problem. "We are practitioners and have to live by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Teacher teaches us to always think first about what would be the result of our actions. Pumping the water off our field would cause others harm and benefit us, which would not be in line with the principles of Falun Gong." Therefore, they went home, got drainage pipes, and installed them over an area of 200 metres. The water was directed into the river.

Although all the water was pumped out of other people's fields, Mr. and Mrs. Sun did not waver. They continued to drain all the water from their field into the river. It took them almost twice as long to complete the job.

When they saw this, the other villagers were deeply moved. They saw the beauty of Falun Dafa in how this couple behaved. They praised the Mr. and Mrs. Sun, saying, "Falun Gong practitioners are really good people."