(Clearwisdom.net) On Tuesday evening, December 23, Divine Performing Arts 2009 World Tour took the stage for the second evening in Sarasota, Florida. The show celebrates traditional Chinese culture including dance, drumming, influences from various dynasties, Chinese stories, and themes of beauty, unity, and spirituality. Audience members included young families, retired executives, and young professionals. A number of people in the audience were Chinese who sought to experience traditional Chinese culture.

Dale David, who is here visiting her father for the holidays, was asked what her impression of the show was. "Beautiful! The colors are obviously beautiful! The girls, when they dance, they are so serene. It's very calming and peaceful. This is probably what strikes me most!

A mother and young teen daughter, Debra and Briana Nierlich, came together to see the show, and stopped to give their impressions. Debra said, "I thought it was very nice, beautiful colors! Since my daughter's Chinese, she has been interested in her Chinese heritage. She was born in China, but has lived here her whole life."

Briana added, "I liked it a lot! It meant a lot to me because I don't know much about China, and so I thought I could get to know my country." Briana said she felt she was learning about her Chinese culture.

Cathie and Camy, also mother and daughter, were quite excited about the show. Camy exclaimed, "We loved it! Its beautiful!" Cathie followed, "This show was beautiful, beautiful! It really was! It [reflected] ancient China. I didn't see dances like this when I was in China. It was beautiful! The costumes and everything."

Camy said, "It was the best of the best! The costumes--the work that must go into them. The stories in the dances: I like the fact that although the people are oppressed, Divine Performing Arts is still holding onto that original faith that there is a life hereafter! And they are sending that message of hope! And that's what I liked best about it!"

Many audience members, like Ann and Milton Schwartz, hailed from different cities. They were visiting Sarasota from Cape Cod. Milton said, "Visually, its exquisite! And, of course, the dance is as well! It's beautifully done. And the artists are extremely well-trained. I am enjoying it very much!"

Ann added, "I love the use of the digital photography as set design! I think that's very creative. I haven't seen any shows that are done that way. Its very exciting!"

Milton took over and said, "Its really authentic!" Then Ann added, "We have Chinese granddaughters who live in New York. I'm thinking about telling them to go see it."

A young Chinese professional, Zhanao Deng, who conducts research at a state university, said with a very calm demeanor, " I liked it very much. I liked their energy, their movements. I've been in America for many years, so its nice to watch some classical [Chinese] performances." In response to the question whether he is from China, he said, "I'm from China--on the Yangtze River. I've been here 15 years. I appreciate their bringing this show to this region; it reminds me of the [Chinese] history, the traditions, and the people's love of nature."