Solemn Declaration

I have not studied the Fa well. I did not truly understand the Fa at the basic level. I did not want to give but just to obtain things from Dafa. During truth clarification activities, I did not do it with wisdom, and so the old forces took advantage of my loopholes. When I was arrested, under brutal torture I completely lost my righteous thoughts, fear and attachments took over, and I cooperated with the evil forces and did what things that a Dafa practitioner should never do. I betrayed Master and Dafa, I brought irreparable damage to Dafa and to fellow practitioners. I committed a crime. After that, I felt deep regrets and was in a state of stupor. The evil forces kept harassing me. Under Master's enormous compassion and with the kind help of many fellow practitioners, I gradually awakened. I solemnly declare: During the persecution, all the Guarantee Statements I wrote and all the signatures I signed are invalid. I am starting again my Dafa practice. I firmly believe in Master and Dafa. I let go of all the attachments and completely negate arrangements of the old forces. I will double my efforts to repair the damage I did to Dafa and will diligently do the three things, catching up with the pace of Fa rectification and returning to my original home with Master.

Wu Yuping In November 008


Solemn Declaration

On July 30th 2008, I was reported to the authorities while clarifying the truth. I was arrested and sentenced to one year in a labor camp. After my two sisters heard the news, they came to the labor camp and demanded that they release me. Each time they came, they could not help crying. I was affected by sentimentality. In order to relieve their suffering and pressure, in addition to my wish to leave the labor camp, I wrote a "Guarantee Statement" that I would give up practicing even though I knew it was not right, and that I did so against my will. I was heartbroken and felt that I had betrayed Master and Dafa. When I came home, I was overcome with remorse. I did not dare to study the Fa or do the exercises and was unable to send forth righteous thoughts. I was so ashamed to face the worldly beings in my universe. After one month, with Master's guidance and fellow practitioners' encouragement, I decided to come back to cultivation. I solemnly declare: The words I said and papers that I wrote which do not live up to the standard of a Dafa practitioner are all invalid. I will recover the damage I did to Dafa. I refuse the to follow the arrangement by the old forces and will do the three things well. I will truly practice Dafa and be a true Dafa practitioner.

Wang Guizhen On November 23rd 2008