(Clearwisdom.net) (Clearwisdom reporter from Fort Lauderdale) The Divine Performing Arts show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was an emotional experience for many audience members. Some audience members even shouted a "bravo" or two. Attendees were delighted to stop and give their impressions of the show.

Bill Ullman, an attorney from Miami, lit up as he said, "It's the most beautiful thing I ever saw! It was fabulous! Terrific, I really loved it!" He went on to say, "Just gorgeous! The music is beautiful. The drummers just drum right through your soul. The presentation, the costuming, and every performance is terrific!"

Another attendee also came forward when I asked her if she would share her impression of the show. Dr. Baez Conde-Garbanati is from Los Angeles, Ca. She was in South Florida visiting her parents. "It's absolutely stunning! The colors and the artistry, and the combination of the digital screen in the back with the dancing and the colors they're using. I mean, it just all comes to life! I really like the one about Spring with the flowers ["Welcoming Spring"]. I mean, it just looks like the flowers are real! That was just spectacular! And then I just think that the digital artwork in the back and the way they combine that with the dancers was very unique and creative! I come from L.A., where we see a lot of really nice shows, and I think this is one of the best ones! In terms of the combination of both the dance and the different forms of art, it's really excellent!"

Dr. Conde-Garbanati also noticed interests by both male and female audience members. "It's good for all ages because I heard some young men talking about how the drummer stands. You see some of that and you see the delicacy of the dancing. So it attracts both genders as well."

Eileen, a Chinese woman who has been away from her culture for a long time, also felt strongly about the show. She lives in South Florida and owns a creative business there. "This is a part of my culture. It's refreshing because those parts of the culture have been missing! I'm Chinese." When asked what parts she was referring to, she responded, "Its a lot of information there, and it's a little overwhelming."

Many couples attended the Saturday evening performance. Gonzalo Ogliastri and Desilia Parerez showed their excitement, each speaking in turn. Gonzalo Ogliastri liked "The Miraculous Exhibit" because of the story and the Falun Dafa movements. "It's great! I love it! I see they have Falun Dafa, Falun Gong, in the performance, which is thousands and thousands of years old. Not too many people know that. I actually read about it. I liked that segment about the art exhibit."

Desilia added, "Very colorful! It's wonderful! Everything is perfect in the dance. The movement [in unison] is perfect. There are no mistakes. I don't know how they can do that. Perfectly wonderful!"

An office manager, Myra Allen, from Miami said, "It was great! Awesome! It was beautiful! I just liked the rhythm that they have. And not only the rhythm, but the spirituality that they have. You can see it in the unison they have."

Another South Floridian, Nquavah Velasquez, was excited about the performance. She teaches Chemistry. "Exhilarating! Fabulous! Wonderful! Colorful! It was so much more than I expected. I'm so happy that I came! It's almost like a part of the Chinese culture that, as far as I knew, was so hidden. So I am really glad to be exposed to this opportunity!"