(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts opened its Florida shows on December 19, 2008 in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Additional shows at the Broward Center included a Saturday matinee and a Saturday evening performance. Audience members appeared to be bursting at the seams to talk about the show.

Two sisters and a cousin who live in Miami shared their feelings about the show. They are originally from Brazil. Bernice Barboza is a retired teacher, Marilia Forseca is currently a teacher, and Angela Quadro is a grandmother. Despite their having to search for the right words, they burst forth saying, "Beautiful! Wonderful! Different! Bonita! The performers, the movements; it's different! I was happy to see all the spirituality that the Chinese lost a long time ago, since the Communists took over. I don't understand the Chinese language or English well, but I felt that spirituality! The movements and body language show it. This is more important. You don't need to speak it. It shows your heart!"

Aline, an usher at the theater, also gave her impressions. "I really enjoyed the show! I say that everybody should enjoy that show! And, oh, the dances! The tenor, oh, unbelievable. His voice! He is better than all the best ones! Absolutely perfect! One of the best!" Aline is French-Canadian and now lives in South Florida.

A mother and daughter at the matinee, Jenny and Cayla, stopped and gave their impressions of the show. Jenny (mother) said, "Very beautiful, very colorful, very dramatic! The music is incredible! The story is beautiful. It is very nice!" Cayla (daughter) said, "I liked it!" Cayla discovered the show on the Internet and suggested it to her mother.

Neia Frank, a high-end child photographer, took her son John to see the show. She said she is quite busy but still took the time to attend the show. Neia said of the show, "The show was very unique! The choices of color in combination with the background were very detailed. The details are amazing! Beautiful! I liked the performance 'Welcoming Spring' and the drumming performances."

John said, "I liked the colors, too! And how they moved. I liked the sounds of the songs, too!"

Neia said that, as a photographer, she is interested in color on the subject in combination with background. She had just won a photography contest and was awarded a meeting with famous photographer Anne Geddes. "The harmony between the costumes and the background, and the harmony between the colors is amazing! The show was wonderful! The costumes are magnificent! The scenery is wonderful!"