(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, several Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally detained and are being held at the Daqing City Prison for extended periods of time. They are showing symptoms of serious, life-threatening illnesses. Mr. Wang Jiang, 47, from Harbin City, was held in Group No. 3. He has recently been transferred to the hospital due his deteriorating condition. No further details are available.

Mr. Zhang Jian, from Qiqihar, has become very thin as a result of long-term imprisonment. He is in his thirties and is having great difficulties walking and needs assistance going up or down the stairs.

Mr. Jiang Derong, from Chengfeng Village, Daqing City, was sentenced to seven years in prison. One year ago, he had symptoms of tuberculosis with fluid accumulated in his lungs and chest. He was taken to Longnan Hospital several times to have the fluid taken out. He is not getting any medical treatment in the prison. He is emaciated and has difficulty speaking and walking, and has trouble breathing during his sleep.

Mr. Zhu Hongbin, from the No. 7 Oilfield, is now jailed at the No. 5 Daqing Prison. Due to long-term imprisonment, he has become very weak, thin, and is afflicted with jaundice. He has problems speaking and moving around.

Although the prison authorities do not treat the Falun Gong practitioners with violent means publicly like they did before, they are now using different tactics to cover up the persecution, such as not letting family members visit practitioners or they block information about the practitioners. Prison authorities in general are ignoring practitioners' condition as mentioned above, until they are actually dying. In 2007, practitioner Mr. Zhou Shuhai from Yichun City was on the verge of death as a result of persecution, yet the prison delayed his treatment. He died as a result.

Daqing Prison administration:

Zhuan Shuben, Section Head of Prison Affairs Section: 86-459-5059073 86-459-599298886-13009833636 (family members of Falun Gong practitioners need his signature before they can visit).

Wang Yongxiang, Warden: 86-459-5056688 (office), 86-459-5105087 (home),86-13303690588 (cell)

Chen Qingfa, Chief of Staff: 86-459-5058588 (office), 86-459-4686358 (home), 86-13329491288 (cell)

Wang Jiaren, Associate Warden: 86-459-5050616 (office), 86-459-4687616 (home), 86-13303691339 (cell) (responsible for "educational" reform).