(Clearwisdom.net) Since November 1, 2008 the Minghui/Clearwisdom website has been publishing articles from The Fifth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China. Many Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioners have taken time out of their busy schedules to read them. Many readers mentioned that all the articles were so good that they couldn't hold back tears after reading them. The articles are true stories with praiseworthy and poignant details. They are straightforward, without embellishment, describing the authors' cultivating progress, and offering inspiration and encouragement to overseas practitioners.

According to Taipei practitioner Zhang Wenling, it was indescribable how she felt while reading these experience sharing articles by fellow practitioners in mainland China. She said that practitioners in that difficult atmosphere are able to rationally understand the Fa based on the principles of the Fa. Anyone they come across, they fully utilize any opportunity to do truth clarification about Dafa--it is so amazing that they place saving people as their first priority.

She said, "Every time I finished reading an article, I couldn't control my tears because even though practitioners in China are always in danger of being persecuted, they always have strong faith in Teacher and Dafa. They have been carrying out righteous actions with righteous thoughts, including their courageous trips to the 610 Office and the offices of political and legal committees of the Chinese Communist party, where the brutal persecution originated. They have been walking safely on the path of clarifying the truth without hesitation."

Among the experience sharing articles there were numerous touching stories. An elderly lady in her seventies had an artificial leg, but she could break through barriers to hang banners everywhere. A father and his son went to Beijing from Xinjiang Province. While holding out a banner reading, "Falun Dafa is good," the police came over to grab it from them, but this little 11-year-old Dafa practitioner refused to let it go. A 16-year-old girl had been clarifying truth to her classmates and teachers often. On the day after finishing a college entrance exam in July 2001, this young practitioner and her mother were arrested and taken to a detention center. Several dozen of her classmates went to the Public Security Bureau asking for their release, successfully rescuing mother and daughter.

Gao Xiong city practitioner Zi Xian said, "All articles manifested good style as a role model, showing a tolerant and compassionate spirit, plain and simple. They are ratifying Dafa with daily actions.

What he was most impressed about was an article in which the author stated, "When different opinions and perceptions on a certain thing showed up, the main solution would be from the point of cooperation. Point out any loophole in time and have it replenished yourself making ours as one body."

During the Olympics, when a fellow practitioner was arrested and taken to a police station, many fellow practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts nearby the station and family members, accompanied by other practitioners, went to ask for the release of the arrested practitioner. The arrested practitioner was thereby released within ten hours and the police did not even have time to report to their superiors. In view of these results, when we work together as one body, we create a super power. What mainland practitioners have been going through under this kind of mad persecution deeply touched practitioner Zi Xian in Gao Xiong, Taiwan.

Practitioner Zi Xian said he finds that whenever he is doing something his state of mind isn't pure, as he is stubborn about his own opinion, strongly wants to get something done, neglects the importance of Fa study, and causes some negative results. Because of his own attachment and insufficiency, he finds himself far behind after reading mainland practitioners' cultivation sharing articles.

Taipei's practitioner Fang Hui felt after reading the internet Fahui articles that mainland practitioners have been able to do truth clarification in that rigid atmosphere because of their studying the Fa well, looking within when confronting problems, and maintaining a strong belief in Teacher. This way, they became more mature. Looking back, we have not been as diligent and don't have as much inner drive because we live in a peaceful society. These articles tell the stories about their righteous thoughts and righteous actions and could really inspire us to do the same.

Mainland Dafa practitioners focus more on studying the Fa, reciting the Fa, and they are continuously purifying their minds, thereby their wisdom comes naturally from the Fa, enabling them to create ways for saving people. These articles are fantastic and inspiring.

November 26, 2008