(Clearwisdom.net) On December 19, 2008, Divine Performing Arts International Company held its opening show at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, kicking off its 2009 World Tour. The audience applauded enthusiastically throughout the performance, especially after the last number.

The music was performed by the Divine Performing Arts Orchestra

A diverse audience at the opening show of Divine Performing Arts International Company in Atlanta

George State Representative Hugh Floyd: We will watch it again next year

George State Representative Hugh Floyd and wife Judy Floyd watched the opening show. Mrs. Floyd said the show was great, including the costumes, dancing, backdrops, and music. She said that the backdrops were very creative. She also liked the songs.

Mrs. Floyd said she liked the choreography and the arrangement of the entire performance. Besides traditional dancing, folk dancing, and ethnic dancing, there was also modern dancing, and performances that give people insights into the other side of China.

The couple agreed, "We will watch it again next year. It is our fortune."

Retired music director: "Splendid! Very splendid!"

After watching the show, Bob Clarke said excitedly, "Splendid! Very splendid! He praised the band, "They are outstanding." Mr. Clarke noticed that the young lady performers in the band looked at the director, but seldom looked at the sheet music. He said, "It indicates that they practiced hard over the last seven or eight months."

Mr. Clarke is a retired music director and was in charge of music in a church. His wife Ida-Anne Clarke is a pianist. She said that she was moved by the performances of the orchestra, the pianists, and singers. She also praised the dancers and the backdrops.

The dance, "Persecuted on a Sacred Path" moved Mrs. Clarke to tears. The program depicted the story of a Falun Gong practitioner father who died due to the persecution in China.

Mr. Clarke enjoyed "Dance of the Snow-Capped Mountain." "It brought us all up to a big conclusion, and it was very nice."

Publisher: Enjoyed the programs on belief

Publisher Terri Papp and Thomas Boc of Atlanta Life magazine watched the show. Mr. Boc said, "We are fortunate to see the show. It is really wonderful."

Mr. Papp said he liked the programs on belief, where there were many Buddhas and deities on backdrops. He indicated that he wanted to learn more about Chinese beliefs. Both appreciated seeing the dances dealing with the persecution of Falun Gong.

Mr. Boc said, "The host's introduction was very good. The show delivers an important message, that good people will be rewarded. Their spirits live forever. It is important. Everyone should take home this important message."

Director of Taipei Economic Office invited friend to watch the DPA show

Tseng Rui-li, Director of Taipei Economic Office in Atlanta

Chong Yi praised the show as having a perfect arrangement

Tseng Rui-li, Director of Taipei Economic Office in Atlanta invited his friend Chong Yi to watch the show with him. They both said they enjoyed the show very much.

Chong Yi paid attention to the performers' hand gestures. She said, "The performers' dancing, choreography, facial expression, costumes, and music are all perfectly matched."

She continued, "The show also includes programs exposing the Chinese Communist Party's atrocities. Everyone knows about the persecution. Such a cultural and spiritual call [as Falun Gong] will be strong in the long term and must be continued."

There will be two more shows in Atlanta on December 20. For ticketing information contact:

Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center, 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway Atlanta, GA 30339
Hotline: 877-285-2285

Online: http://www.divineshows.com/atlanta