(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner wrote in a recent article: " I am a Dafa practitioner, why can't I place Master and Dafa at the most sacred place?" I was deeply moved. Before I finished reading the article, I picked up my pen. I wanted to break through the barrier and write out my thoughts and elevate with my fellow practitioners.

I obtained Dafa in1996. Like other practitioners, in the beginning, the excitement and happiness were beyond words. I would spread Dafa wherever I went, and I would proudly announce that I was a Dafa practitioner.

I grew up in a prominent family. Several family members were CCP officials. Even though they did not understand cultivation, they were not against my practice. My cultivation environment was good.

In that dark July of 1999, the evil launched the persecution against Dafa. Facing the overwhelming persecution and the slander against Master and Dafa, I was always in tears. Withstanding the malicious environment and the pressure from my family, I asked myself: Do I want to safeguard Dafa or maintain my family? I can never give up Dafa, it is already rooted in my heart. I told people in an upright and dignified manner that I was a Dafa practitioner. I did not chose to clarify the truth as a third party.

Even though I was staggering along the cultivation path, I have stayed firm to this day. The more I understood the Fa, the more I realized that by safeguarding the Fa we can maintain our family environment. My family members who are CCP officials were not affected in any way by my cultivation. One fortuneteller even told my husband: "You are lucky. Your wife is one who believes in Buddha. She is very kind, be nice to her."

Nowadays, no matter who I am facing, relatives, friends, classmates, co-workers, CCP officials or strangers, I proudly tell them that I am a Dafa practitioner! A small human being like me being able to become a Dafa practitioner in this life and follow Master's Fa rectification; this is the most glorious and happy matter. I should give Master and Dafa a sacred place and conduct myself as a dignified and upright Dafa practitioner.

I notice some fellow practitioners are still intimidated about revealing themselves, so I thought I should share my thoughts. We have walked through more than ten years of persecution. Our mainland Dafa practitioners have become more mature. If, out of fear, we cannot admit that we are Dafa practitioners, where have we placed Dafa? We are the lives that Master is protecting the most, we should give Master and Dafa the most sacred place, and reply in a correct and self-confident manner: "We are Dafa practitioners!" If we are truly able to do that, there will be no space for evil in this dimension.

Maybe some fellow practitioners think that this is not safe, but in actuality, the safety comes from ourselves. The upright and dignified Dafa practitioners are the most safe ones.