(Clearwisdom.net) Xishanping Forced Labor Camp authorities have stepped up their persecution of Dafa practitioner Mr. Kang Hong, putting his life in jeopardy. We urgently appeal to people from around the world to help rescue this kind-hearted person.

Mr. Kang was arrested and taken to the Training and Discipline Section of the Seventh Ward at the Xishanping Forced Labor Camp around August 31, 2008. He had to be carried into the camp, as both of his shins were fractured, making it difficult for him to stand, let alone walk.

Police report that Mr. Kang fractured his shinbones after he tried to escape from a police bus en route to a labor camp. But a more believable version of Mr. Kang's attempted escape being passed around in the local community totally contradicts the police report--and that version is as follows:

At the time of Mr. Kang's arrest, the Chongqing Municipal Labor Camp Bureau's sub-station was busing a few dozen arrestees to the following three forced labor camps located in Xishanping: the Xishanping Forced Labor Camp, the Beibei Forced Labor Camp, and the Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp.

Before entering the bus, police officers routinely handcuff two arrestees together, making it difficult for either of them to escape. When the bus arrived at the Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp, the person who was handcuffed to Mr. Kang needed to get off, along with several other arrestees. So the police unlocked Mr. Kang's handcuff. While the others were getting off, Mr. Kang jumped out the window and ran approximately thirty feet before being caught.

Looking at the evidence surrounding Mr. Kang's attempted escape, one will discover several inconsistencies. Firstly, bus windows are usually no more than six feet off the ground. And since the bus was parked at the time, how is it possible that a person could fracture both of his shins after falling from a height of only six feet?

If Mr. Kang's legs were fractured when he hit the ground, how is it that he could run more than thirty feet before being captured, as reported by the police? Doesn't it seem more likely that Mr. Kang's legs were fractured while the police were beating him for trying to escape?

Fearing that this fact might come to light, the police persecuted Mr. Kang even more fiercely. Not only did they lock him up in solitary confinement, but they also tried their best to drive him insane, so as to silence him.

After Mr. Kang's shins were fractured, the police did not immediately take him to the hospital, but instead took him directly to the forced labor camp. Mr. Kang then began a hunger strike to protest this inhumane treatment. The next day he was taken to the Xishanping Central Hospital.

To date, the hospital has not done anything to treat his fractures but instead they dispatched several personnel to monitor Mr. Kang around-the-clock, not allowing him to have any contact with the outside world.

In mid-November, Mr. Kang screamed in pain all day long, flailing his arms around wildly. Knowing the dubious history of the hospital, it seems likely that the doctors injected powerful psychotropic drugs into Mr. Kang in an effort to damage his nervous system. Yet the guards declared, "Look, Mr. Kang's spirit is broken!"

The director of the hospital, Tu, is a nephew of Sun Ping, the chief of the Labor Camp Bureau. Tu knows that his uncle will protect him, regardless of the crimes he commits. In fact, Sun once participated in persecuting practitioners while at the Seventh Ward.

Monthly boarding expenses for hospitalized labor camp detainees are approximately seventy yuan higher than that of ordinary detainees, or 195 yuan per month. As a result, inpatient's meals are generally far inferior to those of ordinary detainees. Even when ordinary detainees buy "better" meals, they are usually eaten by the guards.

Mr. Kang's situation was even worse. His meals were either cold or had no vegetables in them at all, therefore he hardly ate anything. And even if he wanted to eat, he would never feel full, since the nutrition content of his meals is very low.

Since the nursing care personnel were very lazy and irresponsible, they forced Mr. Kang to empty his bowels on his bed, causing the whole room to smell very bad. When that happened, the nurses simply moved to another room.

In November 2008, two patients died on the same day in this hospital, but the staff acted like nothing had happened. Normally when higher authorities visit the hospital to inquire about such deaths, the hospital hides righteous people (like Falun Gong practitioners) beforehand to shirk their responsibility and to avoid a scandal.

One day Mr. Kang was forcibly taken from the hospital, back to the labor camp. While he was being carried off, yelling in pain from his fractured shins, hospital deputy director Sun Ping angrily scolded him.

Mr. Kang's mother lives on state subsidies of less than 300 yuan per month. On November 22 and 26, she hurried to the hospital from dozens of miles away to see her son, but the hospital denied her visit, even though she arrived during normal visiting hours.

Although the hospital guards knew that Mr. Kang had been taken back to the labor camp, none of them told her, causing her to become very anxious and disappointed.

From the evidence gathered so far, it looks like the CCP is stepping up their persecution of Mr. Kang. We therefore urgently appeal to Dafa practitioners and just people from around the world to help rescue Mr. Kang before it is too late.

Chongqing Municipal Labor Camp Bureau: 86-23-67502021
Liu Hua, section chief and Mao, deputy chief of the Administration Section of Xishanping Forced Labor Camp: 86-23-89090028
Meng Shuping, chief of the Training and Disciplining Section of Xishanping Forced Labor Camp: 86-15922611118 (Cell)

Beibei Forced Labor Camp (Central Hospital): 86-23-63173016, 86-23-63173057
Zheng Xiaojun, manager
Ye Xin and Liu (females), assistant managers
Tu, hospital director
Zhou and Sun Ping, deputy directors