(Clearwisdom.net) In August 2008, the relatives of Mr. Ma Shuguang, Mr. Shen Guanglu, and Mr. Gu Yongjun learned that these three practitioners had been sentenced by the Zhoucun Court in Zibo City, Shandong Province. They were charged with "robbery" and sentenced to five years each. They are now in Jinan Prison, Division 11.

Mr. Ma Shuguang, over 60 years old, is retired from Wangcu Plant 83 in Zibo City. Since July 20, 1999, because of his steadfast belief in Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, he has been repeatedly detained, fined, and sent to labor camps. At about 11:00 p.m. on September 11, 2007, more than 10 people, including Dong Changliang, head of Zhoucun District National Security; Wang Ping, deputy head; Zhou Qun; Song Yuling, Wangcun Township; Liu Yanjun, Wangcun Township Police Station chief; Zhang Fengwu, chief of the Baoshan Police Department Criminal Division in Wangcun Plant 83; as well as some officers from the Mengshui Township Police Station, went to Mr. Ma's home. Withough showing and IDs or warrants, they brutally arrested Mr. Ma and his wife. The also confiscated two computers (one of which belonged to someone else and was being temporarily stored), two cell phones, two MP3 players, a DVD burner, a tape recorder, cash (totaling over 1,500 yuan), three bags, one sitting mat, Dafa books, Master's picture, and lecture audiotapes and exercise music cassettes. No legal procedures were followed. The wife was tortured for one month. She was brainwashed and had more than 15,000 yuan extorted from her before being released. Mr. Ma was detained and tortured in Zhoucun Detention Center until he was sentenced.

Mr. Shen Guanglu, 45, lives in Renhe Village, Mengshui Town in the Zhoucun District of Zibo City. In June 2007, many people went to his home, including officers from the Zhoucun District 610 Office, the National Security Division, and the Mengshui Police Station. They attempted to arrest Mr. Shen but failed. They arrested his wife, Ms. Sun Feng, and detained her at the Zhoucun Brainwashing Center for more than three weeks. The authorities extorted more than 3,000 yuan from Ms. Sun before they released her. Since then, Mr. Shen has been forced to stay away from his home to avoid further arrest. During the time that Ms. Sun was detained, her son, who went to school in another city, went to the Zhoucun District 610 Office looking for his mother. The 610 Office Head, Yao Junrong, not only refused to allow him to see his mother, but beat the 17-year-old boy. Yao even threatened him, saying, "Since your parents practice Falun Gong, there will be no repercussions for me even if I beat you to death."

At 11:00 p.m. on September 11, 2007, more than 10 people, including Yao Junrong from the Zhoucun District 610 Office, Dong Changliang from the National Security Division, and some officers from the Mengshui Police Station, broke into Mr. Shen's home. They once again arrested Ms. Sun Feng. Cash and personal property totaling more than 3,000 yuan were also stolen. Ms. Sun was taken to Zibo Detention Center (located in Shijia Village in Fujia Town, Zhangdian) for 34 days and then to the Zhoucun 610 Office for four days before being released. On October 12, Mr. Shen, who had been staying away from home, was arrested in another city. He was then detained in the Zhoucun Detention Center and brutally tortured until he was sentenced.

Mr. Gu Yongjun, 47, lives in Yangjia Village, Shangjia Town in the Zichuan District of Zibo City. Because of his belief in Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, he was sent to a labor camp for two years in 2000. He was severely tortured in Qiugu Labor Camp in Boshan. At about 11:00 p.m. on September 11, 2007, several people, including Yao Junrong, Dong Changliang, and Peng, chief of the Shangjia Police Station in the Zichuan District, went to Mr. Gu's home. They tricked Mr. Gu into opening the door and arrested him. They also confiscated one laptop computer, two printers, one CD burner, one tape recorder, a VCR, cell phone, MP3 player, and over 1000 yuan in cash. Mr. Gu was detained in Zhoucun Detention Center until his sentencing.

On May 29, 2008, Zhoucun Court sentenced the above three practitioners. The verdict stated, "The Zhoucun District Procuratorate in Zibo City has charged Ma Shuguang, Gu Yongjun, and Shen Guanglu with robbery. The lawsuit was filed on April 21, 2008, and is file number 2008-36." The verdict did not mention any evidence of the purported robberies. The verdict did cite "Downloading Falun Gong information from the Internet to produce and distribute Falun Gong materials," which has no connection with to "robbery" at all.

All three practitioners are now in Jinan Prison, Division 11, and are being tortured. Without giving any reason, the prison officials are refusing to allow any relatives to visit them. It is said that more than 200 practitioners from different provinces are presently detained at Jinan Prison Division 11.

Head of Jinan Prison, Division 11 Chen Yan: 86-531-87072680
Prison Head Zhan Huacheng: 86-531-87072760, 86-13705406300(Cell)