(Clearwisdom.net) I was once very concerned about when the persecution will end. I anxiously waited for the end of Fa-rectification, and I even gave up my job. In the end, I paid a great price for this attachment. It had severely affected my effort of offering salvation to sentient beings. It also caused my family members, relatives, and friends to misunderstand me and Dafa.

Today, I see through this attachment, which is rooted in selfishness. It is because whenever I consider something, I always selfishly think of myself. We came to the human world with Master, holding the prehistoric oath of saving sentient beings. But now we are attached to the end of Fa-rectification and to our leaving here as early as possible. These are not our righteous thoughts. They are instead our human, selfish notions. There are also young practitioners who, when they were told that they should go to work or find a job, said that they would deal with this issue after the Olympic Games was over.

Whether one wants to work, or to do business is a human personal decision. It is not from Dafa because Dafa does not have such requirements. However, non-practitioners may mistake failing to hold a job or care about one's job as the result of one's cultivation. Letting go of desires does not mean that one does not need to do anything; it instead means that we let go of human thoughts. Some practitioners go to extremes to the extent that their families are torn apart. They become so poor that they almost have nothing to live on anymore, their houses are about to collapse, or they do not want to work or farm anymore. When they do favors for non-practitioners, they do not want to help the non-practitioners do the actual work, which makes the non-practitioners unable to understand these practitioners. In this way, these practitioners have lost opportunities to clarify the facts to non-practitioners. There are also some practitioners who give up on those around them and put effort into those far away from them. They give up on the sentient beings surrounding them and on their family members, relatives, and friends. They do not realize that they can save people as long as they themselves walk their paths righteously. They instead want to do so-called thunderous "big things." Because of their going to extremes, they have caused this portion of sentient beings to severely misunderstand them and to have great difficulties in acknowledging Dafa. Even though other practitioners have tried their best to save this portion of sentient beings, they are still very difficult to save.

We should make the best use of time, not for ourselves, but for others and for the sentient beings. The time has become increasingly urgent, and our saving the sentient beings is also becoming increasingly urgent. Some practitioners want to simply read the books all day long, and they do not want to do anything else. What we do in the human world is not just for our personal cultivation; we come for the salvation of sentient beings. It is just that during the process of offering sentient beings salvation, we are able to truly let go of selfishness and transform ourselves into altruistic lives, and then reach consummation. If we continue to hold selfish notions, we will not be able to understand the meaning of "Study the Fa and gain the Fa" ("Solid Cultivation" in Hong Yin), nor can we understand the great meaning of being Dafa disciples.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything that is incorrect.