(Clearwisdom.net) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner who began cultivating two years ago. I am not very diligent on the path of cultivation like Master has required, and my cultivation state fluctuates.

My cultivation state has been poor lately, and I am often muddleheaded, and unable to study the Fa or do the exercises wholeheartedly. I have not joined in the early morning exercises. I knew I was being interfered with by my attachments, and I looked inside to see where I was falling short. I finally saw that my attachment to leisure was controlling me. I enlightened to this, but I didn't correct it by changing my actions.

This morning I read the Fa together with my mother, and began sending forth righteous thoughts at 9:30. I was not very clear-headed and I fell asleep. The scene I saw in my dream made me suddenly awaken.

I was walking on the path that the old forces had arranged due to my lack of Fa-study. I clearly saw that the path was dirty and narrow. There was a little ghost and some other fellow practitioners walking together with me, and we walked into the little ghost's den. I was surrounded by evil. It seemed like I had no way out because I didn't have strong-enough righteous thoughts. One little ghost said, "Let us use three quarters of our gong to hit her." I felt my flesh body instantly turn to one side. Another little ghost also emitted some gong towards me, and my body turned again. I tried so hard to control my body, but I couldn't.

At this point, I heard a little ghost say to their big king, "Let us drag another one down!" There were many people in that dark channel with me, and I believe they were Falun Dafa students who have gaps, being held by the evil. The evil chose me, by assigning a little ghost to touch my head. It said to its big king, "This one is not okay. She is supposed to remain in the future." Another little ghost also came and touched my heart, and it laughed. It whispered something to its big king. I heard the big king say, "What? Leisure?" I suddenly realized they were talking about my attachment to leisure.

I saw a very long channel filled with dirty stuff, like a trough used for feeding pigs. I was stuck in that dirty place, and I couldn't break through. This situation is probably the manifestation of the attachment to leisure in the other realms. I wrote this article to help fellow disciples who also have this attachment to leisure, as this may be why the evil is attempting to drag you down.