(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Lu Yaobin and his wife Zhao Chunjie from Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province were arrested at 6:00 a.m. on October 22, 2008. The arrest was made by the police from the Domestic Security Division of the Gongzhuling City Police Department and agents from the Liufangzi Police Station. Ms. Zhao Chunjie has been detained for nearly 50 days. She is weak and thin, and is bedridden due to mistreatment in the detention center. Mr. Lu Yaobin has been released, but the police attempted to arrest him again. He now has to stay away from home to avoid further persecution and arrest.

The detention center authorities have urged Ms. Zhao Chunjie's family to deposit money to the detention center for "treating her illness." Ms. Zhao used to be in sound health. But since the Communist Party agents illegally arrested her, she has been maltreated until she is now seriously ill. On April 20, 2008, the head of the Liufangzi Police Station, Wang Wenhui led several police officers to break into Mr. Lu Yaobin's home and ransacked it. They confiscated all the money that the family had saved, including two bank deposit books (one with 20,000 yuan, the other 5,000 yuan), and about 5,000 yuan in cash. As a result, their two daughters are unable to continue their education, and their lives have become extremely difficult.

The police beat Mr. Lu Yaobin in front of a crowd of several dozens of people before arresting and taking him away. They also brutally beat him during their interrogation, which caused him to be unable to work or to take care of his daughters after he was released.

The daughters of Mr. Lu Yaobin and Ms. Zhao Chunjie have been implicated by the Communist Party. Police station agents had been secretly tracking their youngest daughter, who was in middle school, and located the residence of Mr. Lu and Ms. Zhao, which led to the couple's arrest on October 22. Now, the two girls have had to drop out of school. They went to the police department to ask for their mother. The police chief Wang Zhiqing did not release Ms. Zhao, instead, he physically and verbally abused those two girls in front of five other people in the lobby of the police department on the morning of November 20. During the following days, whenever the girls arrived at the gate of the police department, five police officers would push and drag them 50 meters away. The girls have been harmed both physically and mentally.

In addition, Wang Zhiqing ordered Wang Wenhui to arrest Mr. Lu Yaobin because he was afraid that his unlawful deeds could be exposed and more people would be aware of them. Mr. Lu has had to leave home to avoid being arrested again.

The two girls are left alone at home. They wait outside the detention center in the hopes of seeing their mother. They hope that the detention center authorities will release their mother soon.