(Clearwisdom.net) The Training Ward of Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison has been moved to the Ninth Ward to detain new prisoners. This ward has been designated to force brainwashing on Falun Dafa practitioners since August 2005. The first step in brainwashing newly arrived practitioners is performed by two collaborators, Gu Yan and Liu Liping (both from Daqing City). Those who give in to the brainwashing are converted to Buddhism. Those who refuse to accept the brainwashing are passed on to three prisoners, Xiao Lihua (from Acheng District, Harbin City), Zhang Jing (in her late thirties), and Wang Dan. These three prisoners then torture the practitioners by forcing them to stand for long periods of time, sleep deprivation, handcuffing, and hanging them up by their wrists with rope.

Ms. Wu Yanqiu from Harbin was tortured with handcuffs and with being hung up with rope. Ms. Zhu Fuju, in her forties, had her arms fractured and dislocated due to having been tortured with the hanging up with rope method, and could not move them for several months. Zhang Jing often beat Ms. Zhu Fuju, and would slap her in the face. Some practitioners were forced to stand up straight every day, except during meal time, until 2-3 a.m. for seven to eight months. Some practitioners were unable to put their shoes on due to their feet being swollen as a result of the standing torture.

There is a solitary area in the prison where the gates and windows are all covered up with paper, even during the hot summer. Practitioners are tortured in this area, and their mouths are taped so that no one can hear them scream.

The same cruel torture means are used in the Eleventh Ward of the prison. Collaborator Tie Junying has also brainwashed practitioners, and forced them to convert to a different faith.

The Seventh Ward is used to detain those who have already accepted the brainwashing. Their daily labor is to glue paper sacks with a toxic glue. When the inspectors came to visit, the guards would order the hiding of all paper sack materials, but the work would continue as soon as the inspectors left. Prison Director Liu Zhiqiang personally promised to lower the amount of labor, but in reality, prisoners must perform a whole day's labor plus overtime.