(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) shows have been grandly performed in sixty-six countries. This is unprecedented and truly demonstrates the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. It has attracted larger and larger audiences, and received overwhelming positive feedback. Not only are people overseas eager to see the DPA shows, but also people in China. More and more people with wisdom and predestined relationships are becoming interested in the DPA shows.

One day, a colleague in our company asked me to bring him a DPA DVD. The following day, after I arrived at work, I gave him a copy of the DVD, and he accepted it cheerfully. He thanked me first and then said, "The DPA overseas-tour has attracted very large audiences. This is something I have been longing for as well. A divine hand guides the divine performances so the hearts of its audience can be purified. I understand that the DPA show has opened the gate to the new human culture, and it is extremely rich, upright and grand. The performance on the DVD is a wonderful piece of work and hard to come by. From its content to the artistic form, it is impeccable and unique. Many people are looking all over for this show."

Just then, a client of my colleague happened to come through the door. As soon as he saw the DVD, he became very delighted, grabbed it in his hands and began looking at it right away. When he saw the colorful cover and the well-made DVD, he said cheerfully, "It has taken me such a long time to find it, and today I finally found it! The DPA show, it is truly something I have been looking for."

Afterward, he sincerely asked my colleague to give him the DVD as a gift. My colleague was hesitant and said, "A person with dignity doesn't take away another's favorites. This is a valuable DPA DVD, and I haven't even had a chance to see it. Then again, arriving early is not as good as arriving with perfect timing. You truly have great predestined relationship and fortune."

People thus aggressively seek out the DPA show. Seeing this, I promised I would make another copy and give it to him. They then looked at each other with kind smiles.

Today, in China, the DPA show has become popular and recognized through these DVDs being passed about. They have brought good fortune to thousands of households.