(Clearwisdom.net) It has been over five months since the European satellite company Eutelsat discontinued the New Tang Dynasty Television(NTDTV) signal into Mainland China via its W5 satellite on June 16, 2008. Many practitioners expressed their opinions on this matter, yet still today Eutelsat refuses to resume NTDTV's broadcast to China. In my opinion, there's probably some interference we haven't realized yet. I'd like to share my understandings on this issue.

1. Looking Within

There is nothing accidental on our path of cultivation. As cultivators, we need to look within when encountering problems. With regard to the W5 satellite issue, I realized that I had been counting on Master to help restore NTDTV's broadcast to China. Still harboring the attachment of seeking comfort, I failed to make every effort to help resolve this issue. If all practitioners, including myself, had recognized the significance of NTDTV in the current Fa-rectification process and truly viewed NTDTV-related issues as part of our cultivation, we would have done better in clarifying the facts and suffocating the evil. How could we have ended up in today's situation where the satellite signal has still not been restored?

2. Regarding Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate Evil Interferences

Practitioners all know that we need to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil interferences. As I see it, one important aspect of sending forth righteous thoughts is to have evildoers receive retribution in this lifetime, which is, in fact, saving them from destruction. If we have done this to the evildoers in China that persecuted practitioners, why don't we have Eutelsat pay the price for discontinuing the NTDTV signal?

Eutelsat's cessation of the NTDTV signal has prevented many people from being saved, the severity of which is no less than that committed by those Chinese police officers that persecute practitioners. The CCP had long attempted to shut down the NTDTV satellite signal, but to no avail. In the end, Eutelsat helped the CCP achieve its goal. As a matter of fact, Eutelsat has committed no lesser a crime than the CCP. Even though many shareholders of Eutelsat have made the right decision to support NTDTV, Eutelsat still hasn't done anything to restore NTDTV's signal to China.

Eutelsat cited "a power generator subsystem anomaly" as the reason for the shutdown of the W5 satellite, even though Voice of America (VOA) was still able to broadcast to China via the same satellite. Even after VOA moved to another satellite after its contract with Eutelsat expired, Eutelsat still refused to let NTDTV use the transponder vacated by VOA. I have no doubt that the CEO of Eutelsat knows very well that they have breached their contract with NTDTV.

According to an Epoch Times report, Eutelsat has already received its due retribution. Before NTDTV signed a contract with Eutelsat in 2004, the company was suffering a loss of around 40 million euros. The next year, however, they were able to turn around and report a profit of 45 million euros. In the next several years, Eutelsat's profit continued to increase, and its profit went up by 18.5 percent in just the first two quarters of 2008, which was extraordinary compared to similar companies. Before Eutelsat cut off the NTDTV signal, its market capital shot up by 2.7 billion dollars. Just one week after its termination of the NTDTV broadcast, however, its share value went down by 800 million dollars. That is to say, Eutelsat was doing very well financially when it stood up to the CCP's pressure. When it bent to the will of the CCP, it began to suffer losses. Companies with similar experiences include News Corp, Google, and Yahoo!

Despite the fact that the world's economy is in recession, Canada, a country that has been very positive towards Falun Dafa, is prospering. It remains to be seen whether Eutelsat's management can see through the maze and make the right decisions.

3. Some Thoughts about Minghui Radio

In addition to NTDTV, three radio programs were also broadcast via the W5 satellite, and all of them played a great role in saving sentient beings. Minghui Radio broadcast the exercise music every morning, and the sound was crystal clear. Before Minghui Radio came up on the W5 satellite, I could only listen to Minghui Radio programs on my radio. However, due to the CCP interference, there was often noise.

At present, NTDTV is broadcasting via an alternate satellite, which Minghui Radio is not on. A while ago, some practitioners mentioned it would be great if the contents of "Minghui Weekly" could be recorded and broadcast via satellite. This way, one could receive the programs without turning on the TV or record desired contents directly to one's computer. Now, with the termination of the NTDTV signal, this wish cannot be realized.

I remember the following passage in "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference:"

"Disciple: ...Yesterday I read on the Minghui website that disciples in mainland China are following Minghui Radio's broadcasts and doing the exercises in synch throughout China, and the results have been quite good. What should Dafa disciples outside of China do?

Master: That ought to be a good thing. I am still observing it and looking to see how it ultimately turns out."

Master is observing the results of the morning group exercises by practitioners in China. So are numerous divine beings in other dimensions. Even though we can't receive the Minghui Radio from the W5 satellite at present, we practitioners in China should be diligent about participating in the group exercises every morning. We should be worthy of Master's expectations of us. When we do well, we are naturally breaking through the evil's interference.

I wasn't doing very well in terms of participating in the group exercises. In fact, I didn't realize their importance until the termination of the Minghui Radio signal. Afterwards, I began to join the morning group exercises, but occasionally failed to get up in the morning. Looking within, I realized I lacked strong willpower. I hope practitioners like me who lag behind can soon catch up and participate in the group exercises every morning.

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