(Clearwisdom.net) In August 2001 I had cancer surgery but lost too much blood during the procedure and needed a blood transfusion. Following this were six chemotherapy treatments. In addition to my anemia becoming more pronounced, I lost my hair, had vomiting and all-over body pain. I became weaker and weaker. My veins became so thin that it took the nurses several tries to find a suitable spot for injections. One year later my doctor told me that the cancer cells had invaded the lymph system. I had surgery again and six more chemotherapy treatments and I was told I might only live for only a year. I was calm. I pondered the meaning of life, feeling almost too tired to live any longer with my weak body.

In September 2002, I went to the library to consult reference books. I saw Zhuan Falun on the shelf, shining brightly. Not long before that, I had gone to Chinatown where some Falun Gong practitioners introduced me to the book. As I was quite busy and was seriously ill, I told them I had no time to read it. Now I saw the book again and felt I had a pre-destined relation with the book. I borrowed the book and went home and was deeply attracted to the book as soon as I just started to read. I finished the reading in one go, and in a flash, my soul awakened.

I returned to Chinatown and found the Falun Gong practitioners. I accepted many materials from them - including Master's Nine-Day Lectures and the exercise video tape and began my cultivation. I sincerely appreciate the practitioners who persist in distributing materials and clarifying the truth in Chinatown. Their efforts help many people learn the truth about the practice and the persecution.

Master cleans my body and I recover from cancer

When Master talked about opening the third eye, I felt my forehead become tight, with the flesh gathering and drilling inward. When I heard Master say, "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities," I burst into tears. Even when doctors declared that I would die, I didn't cry. Both my mind and body were shocked.

I had been looking for the meaning of life ever since my teenage years. Now I found the answer. I know who Master is and I want to walk on the cultivation path. When I do the exercises I feel many Falun rotating in my body. I must pay much attention to them; otherwise my body will shake with them. When I first sat in meditation, cool Qi would come out from the palm of the hand and arch. After a while I would sweat greatly while meditating. Continuing, I gradually felt cool from my head to the lower parts of my body. I went into a cool world and felt very comfortable and felt golden light rotating around me when I closed my eyes.

At first as I couldn't sit in the lotus position, I had to tie my legs up to hold the position. I tied my legs so tightly that it was hard for me to untie the rope. One day the rope untied itself. I thought maybe I didn't tie it tightly. I re-tied it but it untied again. I suddenly realized that Master was telling me that it was unnecessary to tie my legs. I tried and could actually sit in the lotus position.

Since then I haven't taken any medicine or visited a hospital, though each year I send a postcard to my doctor to tell him that I survived and live healthier in mind and body due to my practicing Falun Gong.

Not long after I had begun the practice, one night in bed I felt as if a pair of very soft, big hands began to touch me, adjusting my head from a small deflection on pillow. I felt very warm and comfortable as the hands adjusted my body. I knew that Master's Law Body was purifying my body. From then on I no longer had my chronic headache, and the pain and stiffness on my shoulders disappeared.

While in bed another night, I sensed someone had arrived. He tucked me well into the covers and put a hand on the left side of my chest. I immediately felt the heat from the hand go into my body. Master again cleaned my body and removed the metastasized cancer cells from my body.

I had another nighttime experience: Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun that everyone would encounter the demon of lust. One night in a dream, a naked demon of lust crawled onto me. I pushed it away and sat up. I stared directly at it and said, "I cultivate Falun Gong. Don't make trouble for me." It stared at me expressionless for a while. I sent righteous thoughts, and it disappeared unwillingly. In another dream a demon of lust came onto me. I could neither move nor speak, even though I knew that it was a demon of lust. I shouted in my mind, "Master! Save me." Then I could move. I pushed it away with all my strength. Before it left, it squeezed me viciously. I felt pain on one of my right ribs, even though it had left.

Once while in deep sleep, a three-inch apparition with an elliptic shape, having a bird's head flew in through the window and landed on my chest and jumped up and down. It kept on pecking my face. I felt a glass partition between us. I could felt the shaking while it was jumping. I remembered Master saying that a protective shield protects practitioners. I was so sleepy and had no energy to deal with it. I shouted, "Go away." It at once disappeared.

My neighbor offers sacrifices to something and said that they would ask it for everything they would want, saying it is quite effective. I thought: Is that the truth? If it is true, then people can escape any disaster. At night I was wakened up by an animal looking like a fox or dog. It bent over my chest and made me out of breath. I was rigid and couldn't make a sound, even though I was clear in my mind. I used up all my strength to take its two thin back legs and wanted to pull it away; but it pressed on me tightly. Then I used another hand to push its stomach. I could feel its soft stomach and its hot animal heat. It refused to budge; and then after a while it vanished. I could move at once and immediately sat up to send righteous thoughts.

A friend sent me a book about mask art that had illustrations of many strange masks. Once I opened it I felt uncomfortable and cold. I put down the book and didn't want to read it. From then on I always felt that something was following me. I would wake up suddenly several times and felt something was staring at me from nearby. I was afraid, with my hair standing on end. At first I didn't understand what the matter was. I showed the book to my mother who began Fa cultivation six months after I did. She said the masks in the book looked evil. We immediately threw it away, and from then I had no feeling of being followed.

Having learned from this experience, I put away all things strange or unkind at home, including modern art or pictures. Sometimes when it was hard for me to figure out whether or not I should throw away something I would address this item mentally and say, "Everything in today's world came for the Fa. You have come to my home and can listen to the Fa. Please wait quietly. If you don't disturb me, at the time of Fa-rectification, all of you would have a good place to go; if you interrupt me, I will throw you away." Since then it is peaceful at my home.

Overcoming every hurdle and difficulty with righteous thoughts

In the summer of 2004 I went to London on business. I took my mother with me and arranged a European tour. We took truth-clarification fliers and distributed them at every sightseeing place we went. When I had gave out the last flyer and sat at the top of a small Moroccan hill to rest, I excitedly saw large and small Falun fill the blue sky and many other shining points.

The last place we went to was Venice. Around 2:00 a.m., I suddenly felt great chest distress, and my heart seemed to cease beating. It was difficult for me to breathe. A feeling of hot numbness went from my legs to my upper body, and then I had sticky and cold sweats. I opened my eyes and saw ghost faces on the design of the red wallpaper. I felt overwhelmingly weak and sensed a feeling of death. I looked at mother in deep sleep and begged Master, "Master, if my life really ends, could you give me several more days and let me go home? My mother knows little English, and if I die, how could she do?"

Then I remembered Master's words where He said He would arrange for practitioners to reach consummation. Is this my consummation? I still have truth-clarification things to do. How can I die in Venice? I still had difficulty breathing. I suddenly realized that Master would take care of every disciple, and my worry about my mother was actually an attachment to parents. She is also a practitioner, and Master will take care of her. I shouldn't worry too much. Let Master decide whether or not I should live or die. I let my attachment go and concentrated on reading Zhuan Falun. Eventually my heart beat slowly.

Later on a friend asked me when I told the story, "Why didn't you call for an ambulance? Did you think of it?" "I have never thought of that. I believe in Master, and Master will take care of me." Master says in "The Master-Disciple Bond,"

"When disciples have ample righteous thoughts
Master has the power to turn back the tide." (Hong Yin II)

In the winter of 2005, shortly after my return, someone from the hospital called. They said that my mother vomited and had diarrhea and a stomach ache since the afternoon. My neighbor had sent her to the hospital, and she was now in the emergency room. They asked me to come quickly. I went to the hospital and saw my pale-faced mother in bed in the hospital corridor. The doctor said they had taken a blood sample, did a CT scan and x-rays and gave her an injection. Now she still had a stomach ache but had stopped vomiting. The test check result showed that everything was normal, and because everything was normal and she no longer vomited, I could take her home.

To our surprise, next day my mother vomited so fiercely she kept moaning. She looked too weak to survive, not having eaten anything for three days. I was worried. A friend happened to come visit me. When he saw my mother he asked me to take her for emergency treatment. When we went to the hospital, several emergency room attendants carried my mother to a bed and inserted various tubes into her. Then a nurse, looking like an intern, attempted to draw my mother's blood, making several attempts to find a vein, and eventually took four samples. When she removed the needle, my mother still bled, and the blood even seeped to the ground. My mother still kept on groaning. Another nurse arrived and fed mother two units of liquid barium. My mother vomited them out immediately.

I felt distressed and worried at her suffering and said to the staff, "You just gave her an exam the day before yesterday. Why are you doing it again? How about giving her some pain-killing medicine?" The nurse said, "Whoever enters into the hospital needs to undergo an examination. Your mother is so old; who knows what's wrong with her heart, liver or lungs? The doctor has to make the decision about pain killers; we cannot do anything about it." Then, where were doctors? "They are dealing with the shift change, and we have to wait."

The emergency room was crowded with patients, relatives and nurses who moved in and out. Some patients moaned or shouted, "Save me!" It was really a mess and also smelled terrible. I felt very dry and hot. When a doctor arrived 45 minutes later I had reached my limit of tolerance.

All my attachments emerged and I berated the doctor, "Even in clinic you wouldn't let a patient wait this time, let alone a patient in the emergency room. My mother is an aged person and nobody cared for her. Where is your supervisor? If anything goes wrong with my mother, I will haunt you forever!"

The doctor hurried to give my mother an injection, and she went to sleep at once. The doctor said the test results would be available in about three to four hours. If she was seriously ill, she would be transferred to the in-patient department. I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous, like fainting. I hurried out of the hospital for some fresh air. In the cold wind I woke up and begged Master while sitting on the staircase, "Master, my mother is in too much pain to endure and I also couldn't afford all of this trouble. Please give me strength." I recovered a little. I returned to the hospital and the doctor said, "Your mother was in coma and you could do nothing even if you stay here. You'd better go. I could call you once we get the test results."

I became more restless at home. I am a practitioner and should believe in Master and Fa. If the test result says that there is problem, what should I do? Agree to let her have treatment or not? If I don't let the doctors treat her, how can I explain to my brother? At 12:00 p.m. the doctor called me and said everything is fine.

I first thanked Master and then returned to the hospital. My mother was already awake but still complained of pain. I said, "Mum, the doctor said that you do not have a problem. The environment here is so bad and you went through so many tests. You would really get sick if you stayed here, even though you are not ill now. You had not eaten anything and had so much blood drawn. Let's go home.

Arriving home, she still kept moaning. I said, "Mum, we are practitioners. This is dissolving karma or interruption from demons. We should beg Master. Let's send righteous thoughts." She lay on the bed, and I sat beside her to send righteous thoughts. When I finished the first time, sending the righteous thoughts, she no longer moaned. After the second time she sat up and leaned against a wall. I said, "if you have the strength, just send righteous thoughts together with me." After the third time my mother said she felt hungry. I had her eat something and made her listen to Master's nine lectures. She calmed down and no longer complained of pain. I knew that Master helped mother go through an acute of life and death test, and I overcame a huge barrier that prevented me from raising my Xinxing.

Clarifying the Truth at Any Opportunity

The company I work for has mutual projects with China. One afternoon we had scheduled a meeting with the Chinese partners. In the morning while arranging data I felt dizzy and quickly went out for fresh air. While outside I felt dizzier and had to hold onto a tree to avoid falling. I couldn't even open my eyes. Then I thought I should take a day off and go home. That means I couldn't attend the meeting. I moved myself step-by-step back to my office and thought that those Chinese must bring some bad demons with them. I sat down and tried to refrain from feeling severe nausea and sent righteous thoughts. A little while later the nausea vanished, and I attended the meeting. After the meeting I sent truth clarification materials and The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to the Chinese attendees, according to their business card addresses.

On weekends I go to Chinatown, or out to a park to clarify the truth. One day at a park a man from Beijing was there. I had just walked to him when he said, "You are naïve. What good will it do for you to put out some pictures or materials? As a Chinese, you shouldn't say something bad about the China." I asked whether he learned something about Falun Gong? Then I told him how good Falun Gong is, and how Falun Gong makes people healthy in mind and body, and related my own experiences. He said if the practice was so good, that I should practice at home in China if the government didn't allow me to practice in a park. I said that a park belongs to the public; everyone could go there to run, do morning exercises, and practice Tai Chi; why not Falun Gong? Is it fair? He said that's because we are involved in politics. I asked him: if I were your sister and the CCP had arrested me and didn't allow me to go on practicing just because I practiced Falun Gong and got rid of my illness, would you as my relative to argue with the CCP and asked them to release me? They not only would not release me, but would also arrest you because they thought that you were involved in politics and would sentence you to prison. In that case, don't you wish that someone might stand up and support you?

He said, "I learned something about the CCP, and I also don't agree with them. But it is unreasonable for only a few people like you to do this. Can you succeed? You need to have some knowledge. I do research at such and such a university and I have been in the US for seven years." I said it is a good university. I got two diplomas there, and I have taught there for five years. Do I know what is going on? Your reasoning and knowledge are mixed up with being worldly-wise and playing it safe.

I told him that I also had studied at a university in China and I have been in the USA for 18 years. Can I say that I learned something about both countries?

He looked surprised. I pointed out another practitioner to him who distributed fliers in a street corner and said, "That one is a doctor. This one doing the exercises is a retired teacher, and the other one sorting out the materials is a jewelry shop manager. Why do you think we give up our free time on Sunday and come here to clarify the truth under the hot sun? We are expressing our support for those innocent practitioners who are persecuted in China right now. We do this for justice and human rights. We just want to tell others how nice Falun Gong is. And we do this from the goodness of our hearts and voluntarily.

I also told him that any intelligent person should make a judgment about Falun Gong after learning about it. In the end, he took materials and The Nine Commentaries. While I talked to him, other practitioner sent righteous thought to root out the demons controlling him. And I also knew that Master was beside me and made me answer his questions so calmly.

In the summer outdoor activities and fairs abound. Once a western religious group set up a big tent besides our truth clarification site and publicized their teaching. I passed by, looked inside, said hello and smiled at them. Master said, "Even when in your daily life you pass by people so quickly that you don't have a chance to talk to them, you should still leave them with your compassion and kindness." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference") I knew that Master's Law Body had sent me those who have pre-destined relationship with me.

Then I went to a street corner to distribute truth clarification material. After a while a person I had said hello to walked toward me and looked at our exhibition sign. We talked with each other very naturally. He said he heard something about Falun Gong and wondered why people with a belief system that is a mere ten years old had gone into opposition with the government. I told him that Falun Gong indeed was disseminated worldwide only over ten years ago but had its origin from a very long time ago and is profound. Our Master adjusted the practice a little for wider popularity.

He was surprised at my own experiences. I said if you were a person with a belief system you surely believed that miracles happen. Jesus had many stories of miracles. So, you might believe what had happened to me is true.

I said that any righteous religion would teach the believers to do good things. You believe that there is a heaven and hell, and we also believe that good will be rewarded with good, and evil meets evil. People with an upright belief would benefit any country or government. But in China, the Communist regime not only persecutes Falun Gong, but also suppresses all those who have their own beliefs, such as Christianity. There are many imprisoned pastors and priests, as you may know. So, all people with conscience should choose justice, and I hope that you would support us, as Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is the principle that anyone should obey. We have no conflict with beliefs."

In the end he was happy that I introduced Falun Gong to him in such detail and left with truth materials other practitioner had handed him.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I have benefited from the teachings in Dafa. Under the instruction The above are some minor things during my six years of cultivation. I feel deeply that it is hard to always have a calm mind when encountering obstacles, or a disaster, or when something touches on the things you are reluctant to let go of and make you fell so pained. Those are the times for getting rid of one's attachments. If we want to reach the standard of Fa at that moment, we must keep on studying Fa, and then at that moment we would remember what Master has taught.

Sep. 17, 2008