(Clearwisdom.net) When I read about the situation in China, I can see that food safety is on everyone's mind. So many harmful substances have been discovered in rice, dry milk, soybean oil, and even deep-fried donut sticks! Since I was going back to China on a business trip, I wasn't sure where to go to find a wholesome, unadulterated meal.

A business associate of mine suggested that I stop in at a dumpling restaurant run by Falun Dafa practitioners. He said, "The dumplings are fresh made, very reasonably priced, and guaranteed not to contain harmful ingredients."

I was skeptical at first, but decided to look for the place as soon as I got off the plane. When I arrived at the restaurant, I saw that all the employees were dressed in traditional Chinese attire. The waitress approached me and greeted me with a warm smile as she handed me the menu. I simply said, "Half a kilo of freshly-made vegetarian dumpling, please."

She politely replied, "Sir, are you ordering just for yourself? If so, may I suggest getting just a quarter kilo? I guarantee you will be satisfied."

"Ok, a quarter a kilo it is," I agreed.

While I was waiting for my food to be prepared, I could hear Chinese classical music being played in the background. In less than 15 minutes, my meal was served. As I slowly bit into one of the dumplings, I realized that they were simply superb! In fact, it reminded me of the dumplings I used to eat at my grandma's house, when I was young.

Before leaving the restaurant, I whispered to the waitress, "Can I ask you if your owner is a Falun Dafa disciple?"

She answered, "Yes, but sir, how did you know?"

I smiled, "Your service follows Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. When I ate your dumplings they made me feel at ease!"