(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Xue Chaoyang, a Falun Gong practitioner from Xiao County, Anhui Province, was detained at the Longshanzi Detention Center in Xiao County. His family now has have no source of income and their life is very difficult. The authorities refused to allow his parents to see him. When Mr. Xue's mother missed him so much that she went to the Xiao County Police Department to inquire about him, Officer Li Wangang pounded on the table to frighten her and drove her off.

Xue Chaoyang and his wife, Ms. Sun Xuanjun, were returning to their hometown on June 7, 2008. Around 9:00 p.m. they were told that the police had broken in and ransacked their house. The police stole a computer, printer, sewing machine, seven boxes of paper, their children's camera, two lint removers, sound equipment, some commemorative coins, a bank card with 4,000 yuan on it, a telephone book, and miscellaneous other articles. At the time of the robbery an older couple was staying in their home and all they could do was watch helplessly as the Communist police tore the house apart.

As a result, Mr. Xue and his wife could not return to their own home, but had to live in an abandoned building in Sulou Village, Zhulou Township, Dangshan County. Ms. Sun learned to make buns at a woman's home. They lived a difficult life. On the morning of July 22, 2008, Mr. Xue was illegally arrested at the derelict building that they were forced to live in. The police took his notebook, printer, paper-cutter, cell phone, MP3 plalyer, TV, DVD, satellite TV receiving antenna, and truth-clarification materials, even stealing the couple's clothing, pots, and rice bowls and other assorted items worth 1,000 "yuan". Ms. Sun and the lady that Ms. Sun was making buns with, as well her son, were also arrested. This mother and son are good people. The police extorted 10,000 yuan from them and then released them. The son was released the next day and the mother was released on the seventh day. Because the building that Mr. Xue and his wife were living in was owned by a factory, the head of the factory was also implicated and he had several thousand yuan extorted from him before being spared further persecution.

When Mr. Xue and Ms. Sun were arrested, they were first taken to the Xiao County National Security Team so that a "confession" could be extracted from them. That evening the police took them to the detention center. On the afternoon of August 22, their two children went to the police department to request their parents' release. Finally the National Security Team agreed to release them, but only after they had extorted 5,000 yuan from the couple and someone bailed them out. Their children went everywhere to borrow the money. They managed to borrow 3,500 yuan and asked someone to help them bail out their parents. Finally Mr. Xue and Ms. Sun were released.

We call on all good people to give us a hand to help stop this inhumane persecution.

Responsible parties:
National Security Team of Xiao County Police Department:
Li Wangang: 86-13955753055 (Cell)
Zhang Lei: 86-13955752926 (Cell), 86-557-5066188 (Home)
Wang Yong: 86-13905575889 (Cell)
Wang Zhongren: 86-13905672871 (Cell), 86-557-5023871 (Home)