(Clearwisdom.net) An elderly practitioner went out to distribute Falun Dafa informational materials to people one night, and she accidentally dropped her flashlight. Without the flashlight, she could not see where to leave the materials. She sent out a thought: "Master is with me, there is no problem! Nobody can interfere with me saving people!" When she tried to locate the best place to set the materials, the materials sent out a light pointing forward so that she could see where to set them. She completed the mission smoothly. Master's incomparable compassion touched her heart and she felt very grateful.

Two other Dafa disciples went to a village to distribute materials to each home. At one particular home, the family not only refused to listen to them but also called the police and reported them. After they left the house, the practitioners found that there were still seven families to visit. Should they leave or continue on? This practitioner sent out a strong righteous thought: "Master is here, and nobody can interfere with us." As a result, these seven families learned and accepted the truth, and some quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

On the eve of the CCP's 17th Party Congress, a policeman telephoned a practitioner and said, "Are you so-and-so?" She replied, "Yes. What can I do for you?" The policeman said, "Nothing. I just wanted to see whether you were at home." After putting down the phone, this practitioner thought, "This is no coincidence, and I should act to save him." So she called the officer back and told him, "I want to see you." The officer agreed, and they made an appointment. Two nights later, the policeman was on duty. She went to the police station and explained the facts about Dafa and the persecution to him and another officer. She talked of Dafa's goodness and how the CCP persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. She spoke of Master's compassion in saving people and Dafa disciples offering salvation to people. Two hours passed by, and these two policemen were sincerely convinced. Finally this officer said, "I know that the Master of Dafa is compassionate and came to save people. I promise to you that from today on, if I see you people exposing the truth, I will not interfere with you anymore. Thank you again!" Since then the police haven't harassed her again.

A 60-year-old practitioner lives near the railway tracks, and a train transporting coal passes by her house every day. One day the coal train drove by slowly. This practitioner carried the truth-clarification materials and CD and ran along with the train, shouting, "Stop, please!" The engineer stopped right away, got off the train and asked, "What is the matter, Grandmother?" The practitioner said, "I am bringing the truth to you!" The engineer was pleased to take the information and the CD from her and said, "Thank you!" One day later, this engineer brought several friends to visit the practitioner's home, to thank her and quit the CCP.

The practitioner said happily, "The blessings and joy of the future will accompany you!"