(Clearwisdom.net) The Fifth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China is still going on. I'd like to share some of my thoughts. I feel this is a conference with many profound meanings that our compassionate Master has arranged for us, and we must cherish it. Since the very first day of the Conference, I have been immersed in the immense Buddha's compassionate field.

Dedicated to fellow practitioners' experience sharing, I eagerly read every article and don't skip a single one. I am deeply touched and inspired by their righteous thoughts and actions. Seeing how they assimilate themselves into the Fa and save sentient beings so selflessly, I have discovered my omissions and attachments. I have come to see where I fall short, where I should rectify myself, and where I can improve. The more I read, the broader and diverse the road I see I can take to save sentient beings. At the same time, I also feel many bad substances in my body and mind being purged, and I feel so much lighter. I suddenly realize that attending the Conference is not only a chance for us to study fellow practitioners' experiences, but also a process through which we can improve our own xinxing levels.

When I clarify the facts now, I feel I am in a totally new state that makes my efforts much more efficient and effective.

A lay Buddhist was surprised to learn from me about the large-scale conference going on in spite of the Chinese Communist Party's tight Internet restrictions. He was in awe of the format and scale of the conference.

I'd like to encourage fellow practitioners to cherish this conference, walk well the last leg of our journey, and be worthy of Master's painstaking salvation.