(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts show will take place soon. As Falun Dafa practitioners, we understand its significance and deep meaning, as well as our responsibility to assist Teacher in the Fa-Rectification. Everyone seems to be working very hard, doing what is required as well as spending an enormous amount of time and energy. However, as everyone has seen, the actual result has not been ideal so far. Then why is this happening?

From Teacher's Fa principles, we know that manifestations of everything in the human world, as we see it, have a connection to other dimensions. Rectifying the cosmos and saving sentient beings are being disturbed and interrupted by corrupt substances, as well as evil elements from the old universe. During the ticket sale process for the Divine Performing Arts show, we met with difficulties and barriers in this dimension. The main reason that caused these disturbances has been evil beings in other dimensions. The rectification of the cosmos has come a long way, and the number of evil elements and corrupt substances should have been decreasing rapidly to a small number, then why does this situation still exist? How should we handle it?

We should look inward and find out if we still have loopholes in our cultivation. Perhaps there are some things that we have not yet realized, or deeply hidden attachments and unhealthy ideas. We know that every practitioner has large dimensional fields. If our cultivation status is not good, we will provide openings for corrupt substances and evil elements to continue their existence. This would result in our being disturbed and distracted by evil elements while we are doing the things that are required of us. We are in fact impeding ourselves from saving more sentient beings. If our cultivation status has fallen so much that we think or act like an ordinary person, then our actions will have no effect in the grand scheme of rectifying the Fa.

Because we are busy, we use this as an excuse to relax in our cultivation and neglect Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts, and we do not realize our limitations, having too much pride. We have not given up our human attachments, haven't search inward, and enlarged the gaps among fellow practitioners. These will all give evil elements opportunities to interfere with us and nullify our efforts in this dimension.

If our cultivation status is good, then we are able to coordinate well, thinking things through with the Fa when we encounter any problems or troubles, truly assimilate into the Fa, and study the Fa well. We should be rational and take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously. We should utilize the parts that have successfully cultivated in order to eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions. If we do everything that is required of us as true cultivators, then what can obstruct us in assisting Teacher in the Fa-rectification and in saving sentient beings?

This article reflects my limited level of understanding. Please feel free to correct anything inappropriate.