(Clearwisdom.net) The No. 1 group of Jinan City's No. 1 Women's Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province is a dark place where Falun Dafa practitioners are persecuted. Commander Sun Juan, Deputy Commander Sun Weili, Geng Xiaomei, and guards Zhang Hongfen, and Yang Xiaolin all actively participate in the persecution. They use various brutal methods to torture Falun Dafa practitioners.

Ms. He Maofen, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Linxi, is 63 years old. In April 2006, she was transferred to this labor camp. Because she refused to be "transformed," she has been subjected to inhuman torture for the past two years, and the guards forced her to work. When she lost consciousness for the third time due to severe persecution, she broke one of her ankles. The bone stuck out of the skin and her ankle was swollen. She was then sent to the police hospital. The doctor said that she must lie in bed and not move around for one hundred days.

When she was returned to the labor camp, guard Zhang Hongfen (in her thirties) incited Pan Aihua, a collaborator from Zhang Qiu, to prevent Ms. He Maofen from sitting on the bed. They forced her to walk and didn't allow her to rest. They also used other torture methods on her. Because she still refused to be "transformed," Pan pushed her to the ground and covered her mouth with a towel. Ms. He cried out, and guard Zhang Hongfen came into the room. She said, "Let me show you how to do it." Zhang Hongfen took the towel and covered Ms. He Maofen's mouth with even more force. Ms. He struggled and kicked. Commander Sun Juan also came in. Later when they found Ms. He Maofen nearly dead, they loosened up their hands. Under Master's protection, Ms. He Maofen spit-up mouthfuls of blood and slowly regained consciousness. Because of this, she couldn't get out of her bed for more than a year. This March, guards again forced her to do hard labor in the workshop. She is unable walk properly. When going up the staircase, she has to hold on to the railings and walk up step-by-step. The guards told people outside that her poor condition was because she fell and hurt herself when she went to use the toilet.

There is another practitioner named Li who is in her thirties. She is often beaten by the guards and locked up in a small cell. In October 2007, when she was working in the workshop, guard Zhang Hongfen dragged her to the warehouse at the back of the workshop and beat her. Commander Sun Juan also beat her. Two hours later, Practitioner Li was dragged out. She lay there and could not move for a very long time. Later she was locked up in a small cell. She died this March due to the abuse she suffered.

Another practitioner, Ms. Li Xiu, was forced by the guards to squat for long periods of time. They also deprived her of sleep. Guards Zhang Hongfen, Geng Xiaomei (in her thirties, from Dezhou), and Yang Xiaolin incited collaborators Yang Jinfeng (from Jinnan), Wang Haizhi (from Linxi), and Pan Aihua (from Zhangqiu) to watch her and prevent her from going to sleep. When it's time to write the monthly report, the practitioners are tortured even more severely. The guards tortured Ms. Li in the clothes-drying room during the night because they were afraid other people would discover what was happening. The next day they sent her to the toilet used only by the commander. During the day, in the commander's rest room, they took turns watching her so that she would not sleep. They also forbid her from going to the washroom. She could not go to the washroom, nor could she drink any water. The only thing she could do was to squat. She squatted for such a long time that her legs and ankles were swollen. In late June 2007, she was forced to squat for four days and nights, then another five days and nights, but Ms. Li still wouldn't give in. She was very steadfast and said that she would expose the evil conduct of those in the labor camp. Commander Sun Juan dragged her by her hair and forced her to squat, and also asked collaborators to beat her. They tortured her in this way for eight to nine days.

Practitioner Ms. Hu Chunmei, who is from Jinan wrote the "conversion statement" due to the intense pressure, but she regretted doing so very much. Later she used her own blood to write on the wall of her cell that she would not give up practicing Falun Gong. Commander Sun Juan led a bunch of guards to drag her out and beat her until she stopped saying that she would continue to cultivate (that is, practice Falun Dafa and cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance). But Hu Chunmei still didn't want to give up Falun Dafa. She did this repeatedly and was under great mental pressure. Later she was sent to a mental hospital, and after October 2007, she was sent to another place. The guards said that she was released and back home, but no one knows exactly where she is.