(Clearwisdom.net) There is less and less time left for us to save people. Sometimes I think about how to save more people. The Faluns that Teacher gave us rotate nonstop. How wonderful it would be if we could save people all the time.

Someone might say, "I need time to eat and work. I can't spend all my time on saving people." But actually, if you eat, then you need to go grocery shopping and sometimes you eat with other people. Any opportunity to get in touch with others is a chance for us to clarify the facts about Falun Gong to them. For example, I am a handyman and often go to people's homes to work. When I meet people, I either tell them the facts or give them informational materials. Sometimes I meet new people at a dining table and clarify the facts to all of them right there. Once, some people told me that a certain person at the table was the security and safety director of a village. I just thought of him as a sentient being to be saved, and nothing happened to me when I clarified the facts about Falun Gong to him. Dafa disciples can meet more people at work. We need to think more about how to clarify the facts at work.

Some practitioners still have "fear." Actually, many people have awakened and are no longer misled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s lies about Falun Gong. I often explain the facts to people face-to-face, and rarely do I meet someone who supports the CCP unconditionally. When I go shopping, I go to different stores so that I can meet more people. When I clarify the facts to them, I am not afraid because they don't know me and we'll go our separate ways after I talk to them. Sometimes I don't have time to talk to them, so I've written phrases that clarify the facts on my dollar bills. One day a person saw the characters on my bill and told me that the bills that he got from Beijing had "better" writing on them. I looked at his bill and saw that the phrases had been typed using a printer. I was very happy. This means that our efforts are not fruitless.

Before I leave home every day, I think about how many people I might meet and how much truth-clarification material I should bring with me. When I bump into someone on the street, I immediately start thinking about how to save him. Should I talk to him or give him a leaflet? Though I don't have time to clarify the truth to many people, I leave them with my feelings of compassion.

There was a lot of farm work to be done at my home. My family couldn't finish all of it, so I hired others to help, and it was a good opportunity to clarify the facts to them. No matter where I am or what I do, I will use every opportunity to save people. I am not doing it all the time yet, but that's my goal. In this way, the Dafa work and everyday people's work are combined and the workload becomes lighter. I separated them as two different things before and I felt that I didn't have enough time.

The above is my understanding. I am sharing with it everyone so that we can improve together.

October 22, 2008