(Clearwisdom.net) On November 10, 2008, several Falun Gong practitioners in Australia, including plaintiffs who have filed a lawsuit for torture against Zhou Yongkang in the New South Wales Supreme Court, delivered a letter to the leader of the shadow cabinet, Malcolm Turnbull MP, at his election office in Sydney. The practitioners exposed Zhou Yongkong's crimes in the persecution of Falun Gong, and also asked that Zhou Yongkang be deported.

The practitioners are Liu Jinghang, Zhang Cuiying, Liu Qingqing, Qu Guangyao, Liu Yaqin, Li Baoqing, Gu Wanmei, and Wang Shuru. All of them have suffered brutal persecution in China, including being illegally arrested, sentenced to imprisonment, being detained, sentenced to forced labor, or incarcerated in brainwashing centers for practicing Falun Gong. 

Zhou Yongkang and the Chinese Communist Party have turned China into a hell on earth

The representative of Falun Gong practitioners pointed out that the Australian government should not have invited such a human rights criminal to visit Australia. Zhou Yongkang is one of the four chief culprits in the persecution of Falun Gong, who have committed crimes of torture, genocide and others. He has actively involved in the persecution of Falun Gong and other religious believers, leading to torture death or disability of many Falun Gong practitioners. The persecution has persisted for nine more years, and it is still going on.

Practitioners said that during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, nearly 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners were arrested, and many were tortured to death. As secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee, Minister of Public Security, Zhou Yongkang cannot shirk his responsibility. Not only that, those who have suffered the persecution also include farmers, workers, appellants, people from different churches, Tibetans, human rights defenders and others.

Practitioners said that Zhou Yongkang and the Chinese Communist Party have turned the entire country into a hell on earth. As survivors of the persecution, they hope the shadow cabinet leader Malcolm Turnbull MP will help convey their message to the ruling party, and Minister for Law, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister Mr. Kevin Rudd, and related government departments, and also help convey their questions as follows:

Zhou Yongkang's hands are stained with the people's blood

Question No. 1: Why invite such a criminal who has committed crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide to visit Australia?

Q2: Has the government considered what it means to the public by inviting such a human rights criminal to Australia? What message is conveyed?

Q3: Is it appropriate for the government to spend taxpayers' money inviting a killer whose hands are stained with blood to Australia as a guest of the country?

Q4: Regarding a Xinhua news agency report on November 6, Zhou Yongkang visited Sydney's police department, and claimed he wanted to strengthen further cooperation in law enforcement between the two countries. As far as we know, 80 million Chinese people have died unnatural deaths under the Chinese Communist Party's autocratic rule. What the Party has implemented against the Chinese people is the inhumane tyranny of power--while Australia is a country that believes democracy and freedom, and defends human rights. The Australian democratic system protects people's freedom of belief. Australian law is completely different from that of the Chinese Communist Party, and the two countries' systems have completely different attitudes towards their citizens--then what is the basis for their cooperation? How would they seek further cooperation? We hope the leader of the shadow cabinet will ask the ruling party on our behalf, do they want to introduce the Chinese Communist Party's dictatorship into Australia?

Q5: We hope the Australian government will be alert to the Chinese Communist Party's infiltration. We want to stress that we do not oppose trade between Australia and China, but we hope the ruling party of Australia will stick to the principle of fairness in safeguarding Australia's freedom, democracy and respect for human rights.

The assistant of Mr. Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney listened attentively to Falun Gong practitioners' statement, and expressed his gratitude for the letter. He said he would deliver it to Mr. Malcolm Turnbull, who was at his office in Canberra that afternoon.

At the same time, practitioners also delivered materials to Mr. Bob Brown, Green Party leader. Mr. Brown once requested Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to pay attention to China's human rights conditions and the Falun Gong issue.

Zhou Yongkang's visit to Australia has caused many people to appeal to the government, in hopes that the government can be clear that Zhou Yongkang is a human rights scoundrel, and has committed numerous crimes against humanity. Inviting such a figure to Australia is the equivalent to inviting a Nazi war criminal: it will bring shame on Australia, a country founded on freedom, democracy and human rights.