(Clearwisdom.net) In July 2008, Dafa practitioner Gao Dong was transferred to the Weiningying Forced Labor Camp in Benxi City from Panjin City in Liaoning Province. He had been on a hunger strike for several days. As soon as he was sent there, he was locked in a cell where the "Death Bed torture" instrument was situated. Police strapped him to the death bed and force fed him until October, when he was allowed to eat by himself. He is still detained in the cell at the moment.

Zheng Kai and Liu Wei were the guards in charge of the cell. In order to reduce their imprisonment term, under the guards' instigation, some inmates were actively involved in the persecution of practitioners. They included Hu Yandong, Bao Hui, Zhang Kexin, Wang Gang, Xia Wei, Li Bin, Fang Guojun, Li Qi, Li Jia etc.

In August, Lu Wenbin, Director of the Weiningying Forced Labor Camp, Bi and Liu Shiben, Political Commissars along with Meng Lixin, the head of the Management Department, came to visit Section Two of the Third Brigade. When they found out that Dafa practitioner Gong Fajiu from Wafangdian in Dalian City wrote, "Falun Dafa is good" on papers and also practiced exercises in public, they were so angry that they beat him in person.

On September 5, guards in the Weiningying Forced Labor Camp tortured Gao Dong and other six practitioners on the death bed.

On October 22, five elderly practitioners were transferred to the Benxi Forced Labor Camp from the Anshan Forced Labor Camp. Their names were unknown. One of them lived in Jilin and was arrested in Beijing where he had odd jobs.

Phone numbers in the Weiningying Forced Labor Camp:
Lu Wenbin, Director: 86-414-4618901
Bi, Political Commissar: 86-414-4618902
Liu Shiben: 86-414-4618903
(From 4618901 to 4618955 are also the numbers of the forced labor camp)