(Clearwisdom.net) This is the Fifth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for practitioners in China to share their experiences and understanding of the Fa with other practitioners from around the globe. When I submitted articles for each of the previous Internet Sharing Conferences, I can remember many of the different thoughts I had.

At the time of the First Internet Conference I was quite an active practitioner, but I felt that my xinxing level was not yet good enough and therefore my sharing article was quite empty. There were many things I did not want to write about and there was no insight into my own cultivation. It was just simply a running commentary of events. Not surprisingly, my article was not published. At the time of the Second Internet Experience Sharing Conference, I thought to myself that I had already written about my experiences in my previous article and therefore thought that there was nothing more to write about. The third and fourth times I wanted to write something, but kept putting it off, with the thought that there was plenty of time to write an article. When I eventually got around to writing one, the deadline for submissions had already passed.

I looked within and reflected on my mentality at the time. I realized that I had a lot of strong attachments, including laziness and the desire for a comfortable life. I also noticed that I relied on other people to submit their experience articles. I thought, "It does not matter if I write one, as there are so many practitioners who have cultivated well, and they will write to make up the numbers." This was also a reflection of my selfishness. If every practitioner thought and acted this way, how could the event be successful or even take place at all? Furthermore, our experience sharing is not merely a simple article-writing event, as it may appear on the surface; it has more profound inner meanings. It is to validate the Fa by using all the different practitioners' cultivation experiences. It also documents the changes in practitioner's mental and physical conditions that they have experienced since becoming Falun Dafa practitioners! It is such a grand occasion that all sentient beings in the entire cosmos are watching. Why couldn't I support it and get involved? Instead, I was acting like a bystander. This was because of my notions, not because of righteous thoughts. I did not treat myself as a divine being, and I did not value myself as part of the Fa. I am a small particle of Dafa. Dafa has all the mighty powers to overcome anything. As a particle of Dafa, what can possibly stop me in my cultivation?!

I hope that every practitioner gets involved in writing sharing articles, no matter what his or her cultivation level is. When we can calm ourselves and really think it through, we will find that we are worlds apart from what we were before we started cultivation. Don't you think we have made fundamental changes in the way we treat other people and our mentality towards dealing with awkward situations that arise? It is only that now that our notions have changed, and we act in accordance with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, so we have become used to it. Practitioners naturally just behave and think this way, and no longer feel the amazing wonderment as when we first obtained the Fa. When I think back to when I changed from being an everyday person to first starting cultivation, I went through such mental changes and experienced so many strong contrasts that it really surprised me. My expectations of life, my views toward everything, and my mentality toward conflicts all changed. I ended up being honest, kind, tolerant, and accommodating, which physically made me an entirely different person. When I first obtained the Fa I felt these changes very strongly. As I cultivate today, I can feel the more intricate changes, which call for the clearing of my thoughts and staying in a tranquil mood, to experience the happiness, the elevation, and the miracle that lies within the Fa!

I call upon all my fellow practitioners to pick up their pens. Through every little piece of our enlightenment we can let people, including the generations to come, see the full grandeur of Dafa and how colorful, magnificent, and nourishing Dafa is during this special period of time. This is also a part of Fa-validation for Dafa practitioners during the Fa-rectification period.

Above are some of my personal understandings. Fellow practitioners, please point out anything inappropriate.